4 Tips for a Safer Workplace

Maybe you’re having too many accidents. Maybe your record is squeaky clean, but you still feel like you could be doing more to protect your employees. Whatever your reasons for wanting a safer workplace, here are just four ways to make it happen.

1. Distribute the Right Gear

What are your employees wearing while on the job? If you’re running a construction site, it should involve harnesses, hard hats and steel-toed boots. If you own a lab, it should involve goggles and gloves. Protecting your employees starts with protecting their bodies from the hazards of the job, so don’t skimp on safety gear. If you need help understanding how to properly outfit your employees, look up OSHA guidelines.

2. Increase Your Training

This is especially important if you’re involved in industrial work. Don’t just teach your employees to prevent accidents; teach them how to act quickly and decisively when accidents occur. This can include everything from fall protection rescue to pole top rescue training. Even the safest, most conscientious workplaces should be prepared for worst case scenarios.

3. Improve Communication

Poor communication is a common cause of accidents. For example, an assembly line worker might realize that a machine has been jamming, but since they can’t get time with a supervisor, the machine continues to malfunction until it experiences a catastrophic failure. You can prevent this entire sequence of events by improving communication on your job site.

4. Be Serious About Safety

This is one of the most important aspects of improving workplace safety standards. You have to actually care about your projects and initiatives. If you’re just paying lip service to the idea, you won’t prioritize it and won’t devote the necessary resources to straightening it. You have to get serious about safety to make real changes.

These are just a few tips for a safer workplace. As you can see, there’s more to it than drafting policies and buying a few hard hats. You’ll need to be smart, thorough and detail-oriented if you’re serious about preventing accidents and protecting your employees from harm.

Partner with a Leading Recruitment Consultancy

Recruitment is not an easy process; it requires industry knowledge and the skills to search for talent. When recruiting for niche industries, it is difficult to find the right people who will match the skill set and will be suitable for the role. Organizations in the niche sectors struggle with hiring personnel since it is difficult for them to scout the market. This is where recruitment agencies play a significant role. They act as a bridge and connect the candidates with different organizations. It allows the candidates to find the ideal job for their career and also benefits the organization. With right people working for you, it is possible to achieve higher success in the business.

Erik Juhler is a leading UK power recruiter and has catered to various businesses. The recruitment consultant has an experience of more than thirty five years and has offered comprehensive recruitment solutions to many businesses. They hold an expertise of recruiting for the niche sectors and have a global presence. The recruitment consultant understands the requirements of the business and scouts the industry for talent. They connect only the right people with the right organization. Job seekers can create their profile on the portal and upload the CV, based on which they will be able to find jobs according to their location preference and skill sets.

Invest in the right people at the right time

For any organization, its people are the assets. If a business has the right people working for them, there will be an increase in output and productivity. However, if the business has chosen the wrong team, it will lead to business loss and a waste of time and efforts. Recruitment consultants ensure that you never make the wrong hiring decision. With their services, you will be able to hire permanent, temporary and contract employees with ease. The entire process of hiring will become quicker and easier. All you need to do is provide your vacancy details to the consultants and they will ensure you hire the best talent in the industry. With a large candidate pool, they offer a wide range of candidates to choose from. The recruitment consultants have a global presence which helps them scout the market with ease.

If you are looking to hire for your power business, contact Erik Juhler today. They have a huge database of candidates who are perfect for your industry. They will match the experience and skill set in order to ensure that you are satisfied with their services. They provide specialists across the EPC lifecycle of power plant build projects and power generation projects. They have also worked with power systems and automation OEMs in order to find engineering talent for instrumentation and product development. The recruitment experts provide talent for middle level and senior level position in the organizations. They have detailed knowledge about the contracts and the functioning of the industry which has made them a preferred choice for many organizations in the niche sector.

Making Sure You Are Covered All Year With Seasonal Self-Employment

It can be very hard to find a job in today’s economy. As such, many people are turning to self-employment in order to be able to support themselves and their families. It can be a great way to support yourself if you have a marketable skill and are able to generate an adequate income. Many people are not able to sustain self-employment for a prolonged period of time, but in a lot of these cases, they simply do not have a marketable skill or are not able to discipline themselves enough to be able to work consistently.

One problem with seasonal self-employment is the issue of off-season income. If you are working in a business that is only supported during certain months of the year, you will still have to find a way to support yourself during all of the other months of the year. If you make enough money during your seasonal stints of employment to be able to support yourself year round, then the problem is solved other than making sure to budget properly.

If, however, the seasonal income isn’t enough to stretch across an entire year, other paths need to be considered. One is to borrow against future earnings, a tactic traditionally associated with farmers. While the concept of payday loans sounds scary to most people, alternative options to payday loans exist which enable seasonal professionals to more responsibly borrow in a pinch. These types of loans may only be enough to cover a month of expenses, but one month makes a big difference if stretching seasonal income across the entire year.

In addition to borrowing money to make ends meet, many people who do seasonal freelance work choose to get second jobs in the opposing season, so that they can have a source of stable income in addition to their freelance work. Many people elect to work in retail or in restaurants; some even find other seasonal gigs. For example, someone who works as a landscaper in the spring and summer months can shovel driveways in the winter.

There are many seasonal self-employment opportunities for people who are looking for them. For example, you could be a landscaper, who would typically only work during half of the year (spring through autumn). If you are interested in real estate, you could take all of the required courses and work in that field for part of the year (technically, real estate agents can elect to work year round, but they get the most business during the spring and summer months). Given that you have the right skills, you could also become a freelance writer or freelance graphic designer; in these situations, you would work with individual clients, the duration of projects being whatever you agreed upon with said clients.

There is also the option of opening up a seasonal business based on a holiday, such as Christmas or Halloween; there are many types of merchandise that people only buy during these times of the year, and you could sell them if you are capable of making them or otherwise procuring them. Making money self-employed can be a great option for people who prefer to make their own hours and do not want to have to follow the rules of an external employer.

As long as you can find an arrangement that works for you. you are all set. You just need to make sure that your self-employment is sustainable and will allow you to sustain yourself throughout the year.…

Things to Know Before Starting Nursing School

Nursing is an honorable profession that can provide an individual with plenty of opportunities to both earn a good living and advance in his or her career, but there are a few particular facts about school that every future nurse should know. From the classroom workload to clinical rotations, preparation is the key to a successful experience in nursing school.



Reading and Study Groups

Nursing school involves a great deal of reading, and unlike prerequisite college courses, it is never a good idea to skim the material and go back to it later. In fact, many nursing students find themselves reading more than is required to ensure that they fully understand a topic before moving on to the next new concept.

Study groups are an excellent way for students to make sure they are comprehending all of that reading and in-class lecture material that is so much a part of nursing school. Small groups of students working together outside of class may be one of the best ways to receive answers to all of those questions that did not come up until class was over.

The Nursing School Workload and Clinical Rotations

While the actual time spend attending lectures in the classroom is likely to not exceed that of any other intense college program, those who have been through the experience of nursing school often claim it was one of the busiest periods of their lives. Although students may have to make sacrifices to get through school, the payoff is a career that they love.

Before donning their scrubs or meta lab coats for clinical rotations, students should find out exactly when that portion of their education will begin. Most nursing programs give students at least one full semester of the actual nursing classes to get their feet underneath them, so to speak, before sending them out to begin learning by doing. Of course, the clinical rotation demands vary between institutions and even states, so it is vital to find out how this works before beginning a nursing program.

Nursing School Requires Dedication

The intense workload that characterizes nursing school demands serious commitment from students, making it very important for future nurses to understand exactly what they are getting into when they enroll. However, the payoff for students’ dedication is a fulfilling career in a field that most nurses end up absolutely loving.…

5-Point Checklist For Starting a New Business

Starting a new business is an incredible experience. You can be your own boss and have full control over doing something you’re passionate about…but there are things that need considering. Luckily, we’re put together a quick checklist to help out:

  • Know Your Business Inside and Out

Before you delve into starting your own company, make sure you know exactly what it is and where you want it to go. Ask yourself all the questions that you can. For example, if you were opening a coffee shop, would you be content with just one shop or would you want it to become a chain? Who are you going into business with? What’s your unique selling point (USP)? By planning everything out and having answers to all these questions, you can enter the business with certainty.


  • Get Insured

A business without insurance is a ridiculous concept. Just like you’d insure the most important of your valuables, make sure you insure your business from the offset. Comparing different insurers is the best way to get the insurance that best suits you for the lowest price, so it’s best to shop around before becoming committed. Be Wiser Business Insurance is a great independent way to find the perfect insurance for your company. By laying down the foundation, you can only go right up.

  • Research Your Competitors

Just as the cliché goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Though not to say that fellow business owners are your enemies, it is a good idea to keep an eye on what it is that they’re all up to. Not only will you be able to see what has worked and not worked for them, but it might also help you see current and future trends, aiding you in the venture. Make sure that you keep up to date with what’s going on in your sector, so you don’t go in blind – the more you know the industry, the better it could be.

  • Order Your Finances

Keeping on top of your income and outcome, including tax, is of incredible importance within the business world. There are many online tools to help out with this, including help from HMRC for the tax side, so you’re not on your own when it comes down the legalities and payments. However, it could be worth looking into getting an accountant to help out, even if only occasionally if budgeting and money control could be a hindrance to you.

  • Get a Solid Team

Once you’ve got the business plan and the legalities sorted, it’s time to start hiring (unless, of course, this is a solo venture). Making sure that you’ve got people behind you that support you and are just as passionate is an important part of any business – lackadaisical employees are the last thing you need at the most exciting stage. Think of your business as a family – they always need to have your back and remain positive, or it could all begin to fall apart. A good support network will get you through the hard stages and make the good stages even better.…