3 Tips for USMLE Test Prep

Like any test, the USMLE requires careful and thorough preparation to take. Here are three tips for USMLE test prep.

1. Attend a Workshop or Class

One of the most effective methods of preparing for this test is to attend a USMLE workshop or class. These programs will provide you with access to an instructor, peers to collaborate with and up-to-date practice and study materials. You can use these resources as an opportunity to ask in-depth questions and learn different preparation styles and practice methods. Workshops and classes may vary in session or program length and you may have in-person or remote options.

2. Access Useful Resources

There are many practice tests, textbooks and study guides available for USMLE preparation. You should utilize these as well as any other material you think may be beneficial to you. Keep in mind that you should choose materials and preparation methods that will be most effective for your learning and studying style. For example, determine whether you absorb information better alone or in a group. Then, you can begin developing a schedule tailored to your needs, with time for either solo study or study with peers.

3. Start Studying As Soon As Possible

Ideally, you should start studying for the USMLE as soon as you begin attending medical school classes. The USMLE isn’t a test you can cram for right before you take it, as it’s a comprehensive exam covering extensive amounts of material. You should also keep all useful material from courses you complete so you have acess to them as study material and avoid getting rusty as your test date approaches.

No matter what kind of exam you’re going to take, you need to spend time and do things to prepare for it. If you do, you’re far more likely to do well and feel good about the exam.