Tips For Choosing a Storage Unit

Tips For Choosing a Storage Unit

More and more people are renting storage units. Storage units are becoming more common, especially in New York. They are especially helpful for people seeking storage facilities in Manhattan. When a person decides to rent a unit there are a number of things to be considered.

One of the most important considerations is the amount of space needed. Most storage units come in different sizes, and the rental price increases with unit price. It is best to choose a unit size that a person can pack from floor to ceiling. There is no reason to pay for space that will not be used. On the other hand, getting a self-storage Manhattan unit that is too small will defeat the purpose of having one. Before renting a unit, the renter should determine the hours that the property can be entered. Some units close during certain hours, while others are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some Manhattan storage units have restrictions on entry or even charge a fee for access.

It is important to make certain that nothing is stored inside, such as a fur coat, that requires climate control. If such items are to be stored then it is important to find a unit that offers a temperature control inside the unit. Most likely these units will be more costly, but they can end up saving a person money in the end if something might be damaged.

When preparing items to be moved to the storage unit it is a good idea to use boxes that are uniform in size. This makes it much easier to stack. Some people choose up to three different sizes in order to accommodate varied items to be packed. However, if there is a number of each different size boxes, this allows for easy stacking. All boxes should be clearly marked to indicate the contents. It is wise to use a black marking pen and indicate the contents at the end of each box. This allows the boxes to be stacked while being able to read what each box contains. This makes it much easier when going to the mini storage in Manhattan to find a specific item.

It is important to leave space, a small walkway area, between the boxes and items. This will allow people to enter the unit, when necessary, and easily locate what is needed. One of the most crucial pieces of information to remember is that flammable or combustible material should never be stored in a unit. This includes oil, gasoline, cleaning fluids, paint thinner and any other item that can easily spread a fire.