Advantages of Self Storage Space

Advantages of Self Storage Space

Using self storage has become more and more popular recently in the U.S. and U.K., as consumers increase their buying habits and space becomes more of a problem. Today, from being a simple garage type room, self storage has evolved to being a convenient space that meets your every type of need.

There are three basic types of storage: the indoor, the outdoor, and the vehicle storage units. All these types of storage facilities can be used for business storage, personal storage, and records storage.

Indoor storage units are climate controlled, which means that they are a great option for storing delicate items vulnerable to changing climate conditions, such as documents and books. On the other hand, because outdoor self storage units are climate controlled, they are not a great option for items vulnerable to humidity and weather extremes. These include items like oil paintings, important documents and even clothing. These storage facilities, however, are usually a lot cheaper than renting indoor self storage units.

The third type of storage is used for storing vehicles. This type of storage can either be indoor or outdoor.

Advantages of Using Self Storage

Self Storage offers a myriad of advantages, which makes it more and more popular recently. Today, at least 1 out of 10 families in the US already use these units to store personal items or supplies.

One of the main advantages of using self storage units is convenience. Most especially if you have a business and you do not want to spend more money building your own storage for your goods, taking advantage of a self storage facility that is located just minutes from your store is an advantage. Today, many storage facilities also offer extra services, such as moving supplies and truck rental, making it more convenient and easy for renters to move their items.

What’s more, the terms governing self storage are flexible and there is usually no long term contract to use these units. Thus, you can choose to terminate your contract using the service after a few months, depending on your needs. This also makes these storage facilities perfect for storing seasonable utilities like garden tools, Christmas decorations, and even seasonal clothes. These units are also perfect for storing sports equipment like surf boards and jet skis, thus allowing you to remove clutter in your house. And maybe if you have old furniture and other valuable things you still want to keep, using a self storage facility can definitely keep these valuable things safe for you.

Another advantage is that your items are secured. You will use your own lock and keys to keep your things safe. And for a small extra fee, some storage facilities also have security guards and security cameras to keep your items safe. Some self storage facilities also offer safety deposit boxes for storing more valuable items.