How To Prepare Furniture For Removal

You can save money by preparing and moving your furniture yourself into theA�self storageA�unit. Moving furniture can be tricky, especially large pieces, so it does take a bit of preparation to ensure you do not damage your valuable furniture in the move. The following tips will help you to prepare, safely move, and store your furniture.

Disassemble First

Disassemble every piece of furniture you possibly can. Your flat pack wardrobe will travel and store much better if it is in pieces. Keep the segments of each piece of furniture together and label each piece. …

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Why Mini Self Storage is a Great Business to Start

With the space constraints that most people face these days, mini self storage is the answer to a lot of our storage problems. Many of us tend to buy additional furniture without first considering the limited space that we have. Very often, it is only after we have already made the purchase that we realize the space limitation that we are facing. Since we are unable to return the purchased product, we have no other choices than to clutter up our houses. However, does that have to be the way?…

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Increasing Your Office Space on a Budget

A Growing Business Needs More Space

For a business owner, the growth of your company is your ultimate goal and something you work hard for. You will rarely hear of a business owner trying to shorten his Rolodex of clients. However, as a business grows and builds more clientele, more physical space is needed to stay organized and maintain the ability to stay on top of the game with both existing and newly acquired clients. As your company begins to operate on a larger scale, new equipment may be purchased to better your …

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How to Get Money to Start a Self Storage Auction Business

If you know anything at all about the self storage auction business, then you know that it is impossible to even think about getting into it without having some “seed” money. After all it isn’t going to do you any good to go to an auction unless you have some cash to bid with – right? So you want to get started, but can’t even get out of the gate because you haven’t got any cash.

Here are some Ideas that might be able to get you into that …

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Just because everyone else is getting into the business does not mean you should. And just because everyone says they are making money it doesn’t mean they are. For many years I lived in Los Angeles and people would go to Vegas every weekend to gamble, and every time someone came back they told me they won money. That’s obviously statistically impossible considering Las Vegas is building billion-dollar hotels and they were not doing it by losing money from every gambler from Los Angeles.
Now then, I would submit to you that many of the people that are running e-commerce …

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There are many people who lost their jobs recently because of the slump in the economy. Others have remained with their companies but their paychecks have been greatly reduced. If you are one of them, there is no need to feel depressed or get discouraged. There are still other ways for you to earn money. In fact, you can even forget about being an employee whose fate is dependent on your boss and instead become your own boss. How exactly do you do that? You can become your own boss by opening your own business on the internet. Even if …

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Self Storage Blog Tips Ensure Good Condition Of Items

With the help of a self storage blog, one can learn about different storehouses which can be used to keep surplus items. Such facilities are of great help as they help to make more space in the home.

Store Items Systematically

One can keep all kinds of items in a storehouse like extra furniture, clothes, books, toys and seasonal items. By checking out a reliable self storage blog one can find the information on how to store different kinds of items to ensure their good condition. For instance, it is essential …

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