How To Prepare Furniture For Removal

How To Prepare Furniture For Removal

You can save money by preparing and moving your furniture yourself into theA�self storageA�unit. Moving furniture can be tricky, especially large pieces, so it does take a bit of preparation to ensure you do not damage your valuable furniture in the move. The following tips will help you to prepare, safely move, and store your furniture.

Disassemble First

Disassemble every piece of furniture you possibly can. Your flat pack wardrobe will travel and store much better if it is in pieces. Keep the segments of each piece of furniture together and label each piece. Keep the assembly instructions and all the screws together in a small plastic bag taped to one of the larger pieces of furniture. Always dismantle your bed, taking the headboard apart from the rest. Most beds are easy to dismantle when you need to.

Not only will it take up less space to store your furniture flatly if you disassemble it first, it will be easier to transport. Look at chairs, tables, and wardrobes to see if you can disassemble any of the furniture. Take the drawers out of the cupboards and transport these separately.

Store Cushions and Parts in Plastic Bags

Put all fabric cushions in strong plastic bags, such as triple strength garbage bags. Stick labels on to the bags to show what is inside the bag. This will help you when you go to unpack your storage unit down the track. You may like to include some moth balls when you store fabric items to prevent moths from attacking your valuable furniture and clothing.

Wax Fine Wood

Make sure you wax all the fine woodwork you have before the move. A fine layer of wax will prevent scratches as you move and store the furniture.

Check the Accessways

When you move furniture, especially the large pieces you cannot dismantle, you can have difficulty in getting the furniture out of your house. Fortunately, you won’t have the same problem with the storage unit, as the roller door will be large enough for your furniture. You may need to remove doors from hinges or even use a window to get large pieces of furniture out of your home. Measure and check the path before you lift the furniture. Make sure there is nothing you can trip over as you carry the heavy load. Remember, you may need to twist some furniture to take it out sideways, so give yourself a clear path.

Use Blankets and Sheets to Protect the Furniture

Use soft blankets and sheets to separate furniture pieces in transit. Ensure your furniture is roped or secured to the sides of the truck to prevent movement during the move. You do not want to scratch your furniture by having it rub against another piece in transit.

Store Carefully to Avoid Scratches

As you move your furniture into the storage unit, make sure you stack it carefully to avoid scratches. You may like to use sheets or pieces of plastic to protect your furniture while it is in theA�storage unit. Be careful what you stack on top of fragile pieces of furniture.

Moving and storing furniture is not always easy, but with some careful preparation and thought, you can save money by moving your furniture yourself. Store your furniture in such a way that you will be able to enjoy it for many years after you empty your storage unit.