• December 6, 2023

10 Reasons to Start Your Own Business

They always say that you will never make any real money whilst working for someone else. More and more people are starting up on their own because they recognise that they can do a better job than the company for which they are working. Here are ten reasons why you should consider setting up your own start-up business and how you can benefit from it:
• High earning potential – if you are working for an employer, you are on fixed earnings. These earnings, especially in times of financial crisis, are not likely to rise and you may even see …

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How to Start a Business Without Money

Can You Start A Business With No Money?
You may think it takes a lot of money to make money. That is what we are told all the time. And yet, I know many people who have begun very successful enterprises without a lot of cash. Be aware that I am not advising anybody to quit a day job to plunge in. While it is very possible to start a business with little money, most businesses do not start making a lot of money right away.
You may already have what you need to start a business. Or like the …

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