• December 1, 2023

FREE or Paid Business Startups? Which Is Better?

Good question! I love free, if I can get something for free why pay for it? But I have realized over time that when it comes to business, free is not always better than paid. The answer to the question depends on who is looking and who you want to attract to your team.
Here are some facts about free vs paid startups:
1- You will get more signups if you advertise a free to start opportunity, but since it was free to join, fewer will commit to do anything to build their business.
2- You will get less signups …

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Entrepreneurs – Want to Successfully Sell Your Bottled Water?

Do you have a supply of fresh water and want to sell bottled water locally and hopefully nationally? Well there are a few things that you have to think about first of all.
Well the first thing to do is walk through the water aisle of your local supermarket and check how many other bottled waters there are for sale. How are you going to compete? Well on three areas: Brand, Price or Quality.
Let’s look at quality first – do you have really great clear water, does it come from a famous spring or a unique area? Then capitalise …

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Home Business Start Up – How to Become a Winner in the Race For Home Business Success

Home Business Winners and Losers: The Dividing Line
You’ve probably seen the number mentioned somewhere as you started looking into beginning your own home business. It’s a big number and it’s nothing short of terrifying. Ninety-five percent.
Ninety-five percent! Based on the best estimates, that’s the percentage of would-be home business owners who can’t make it work.
That’s right. The “fail” rate for work-at-home business is so high that only five of every hundred people emerge victorious. With odds like that, it makes you wonder why so many people (yourself included) maintain an interest in trying to become their own …

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