Home Business Start Up – How to Become a Winner in the Race For Home Business Success

Home Business Winners and Losers: The Dividing Line
You’ve probably seen the number mentioned somewhere as you started looking into beginning your own home business. It’s a big number and it’s nothing short of terrifying. Ninety-five percent.
Ninety-five percent! Based on the best estimates, that’s the percentage of would-be home business owners who can’t make it work.
That’s right. The “fail” rate for work-at-home business is so high that only five of every hundred people emerge victorious. With odds like that, it makes you wonder why so many people (yourself included) maintain an interest in trying to become their own bosses. It’s seems like a real long shot when you hear “ninety five percent”.
It’s the last thing a person wants to hear when they’re considering breaking free of the traditional workplace to run their own operation. Ninety-five percent failure? It’s depressing.
Or is it?
What if we could find out what separated that great majority from the minority who reach success? If we could find the dividing line between the home business winners and losers, that number would be less disturbing. We’d know how to stay on the right side of the line.
Well, it just so happens that we do have a pretty good idea of what distinguishes the success stories from those who can’t get the job done. It’s not a matter of luck. It’s not related to education, skills or training. It doesn’t rest on race, gender or religious orientation.
The five percent of home business successes share two traits that the unsuccessful majority doesn’t.
Those traits are the difference between winning and losing. And the good news is that you don’t need to change anything about yourself to develop them.
Action. The winners act while the losers sit. It’s that simple. You can’t get a home business off the ground if you’re not willing to do something. You can’t make it grow if you’re not willing to take action. While the ninety-five percent majority spends its time worrying and wondering, the moneymaking five percent are acting.
Planning. We’re not talking about writing a good business plan or filling out your date book and to-do lists correctly. We’re talking about having an overall plan to follow in order to build the business. The winners have proven systems that they follow closely, learning from those who already know how to generate serious profits.
The losers? They tend to flit from idea to idea or believe that they can figure it all out “as they go along”. A solid success blueprint separates success from failure.
Are you willing to take action? Are you willing to embrace and follow a proven step-by-step system that has contributed to the success of multiple home business owners?
If you answered “yes” to those home business questions, welcome to the five percent club!