FREE or Paid Business Startups? Which Is Better?

Good question! I love free, if I can get something for free why pay for it? But I have realized over time that when it comes to business, free is not always better than paid. The answer to the question depends on who is looking and who you want to attract to your team.
Here are some facts about free vs paid startups:
1- You will get more signups if you advertise a free to start opportunity, but since it was free to join, fewer will commit to do anything to build their business.
2- You will get less signups if you advertise your business with a startup investment, but only serious prospects will take out the wallet and join your opportunity.
3- People join almost everything that says free, but most hardly ever come back to take a serious look at what they just joined.
4- People who paid for a business starter kit, will be looking for a way to quickly recover their startup costs.
5- Most people who signup for a free to start business opportunity will never even read the emails from the company or sponsor they just joined.
6- Most people who paid for a business starter kit, will read everything just to make sure that their investment was wise and is protected.
7- Most people who signed up for a free to start business, will quit faster.
8- Most people who paid for a start up kit, stay longer.
9- Most people who signed up for free, expect something (big bonus checks) for nothing, they didn’t want to invest money, and most of the time they don’t want to invest time or effort.
10- Most people who paid for a starter kit, are more willing to invest some additional money, time and effort in advertising and promoting in order to get those (big bonus checks)
Now, see that I say “MOST”, because you will find exceptions in either group, sometimes people have been burned and scammed many times before and that is why, even though they still dream of working from home, they are afraid to invest money upfront and are searching for a way to join a reputable business risk free.
Sometimes people who invest in a Business-in-a-Box get overwhelmed, don’t get the proper training and support, are afraid to ask for help, get discouraged by friends and family (“dream-stealers”) and that makes them do anything with their business.
I love the fact that my company offers the chance to test-drive the business opportunity 100% free, you can even start earning money before you invest any money of your own, but I always recommend those who join my team that they need to order a business pak as soon as possible for the many reasons I mentioned above, PLUS… how can you sell your products to others if you don’t use them yourself?
Think about it!