Increasing Your Office Space on a Budget

Increasing Your Office Space on a Budget

A Growing Business Needs More Space

For a business owner, the growth of your company is your ultimate goal and something you work hard for. You will rarely hear of a business owner trying to shorten his Rolodex of clients. However, as a business grows and builds more clientele, more physical space is needed to stay organized and maintain the ability to stay on top of the game with both existing and newly acquired clients. As your company begins to operate on a larger scale, new equipment may be purchased to better your services or offer new services that you didn’t offer in the past due to budget restrictions. With each new client comes new paperwork and client information to store. It is easy to see how a small office can quickly start filling up and becoming cramped and disorderly when business starts to pick up. File cabinets filled with important client and business information, expensive tools and other business specific equipment, even the hiring of new employees to help with the growing work load; all of these are vital parts or your business infrastructure that take up space.

Solving Your Space Problem with Self Storage

So what is the best move for a business owner who finds himself in a situation where he is running a business in an office that is becoming too crowded? The first thing that comes to most peoples mind is renting more office space. This could mean relocating your company to a larger office in a different location or simply renting out the office next door. While this is the most obvious solution, it might not always be the most cost effective. In economically trying times like these when everyone is looking to save money, many people are realizing the benefits of utilizing self storage in business. Depending on the type of business, a self storage unit may be just what you need to clear out that clutter without breaking the bank. For a fraction of what it would cost to rent more commercial office space, a self storage unit can be used to store items that aren’t used on an everyday basis, but are still important to your company, such as filing cabinets or temporarily unused computers. Once you move the less frequently used items out and give your office a good cleaning, you will notice increased productivity within your office and even improved morale amongst employees. With some much needed elbow room now available, you are able put your focus back on your clients and the continued growth of your company.

S.D. Storage the Business Self Storage Solution

Self storage for business is a very cost effective and beneficial solution for a growing company in need of some extra space. No matter how much space you need, whether its just a small 5’x5′ you are looking for to store some small file boxes or office supplies, or one big enough to hold the entire contents of your office including furniture, computer and printing equipment, board room furnishings, or even a forklift, there are hundreds of different units available for rent, so finding one that fits your needs is easy. With electronic gate access and state of the art security equipment in place, you never have to worry about the safety of the items you store. There are no long term leases or contracts to sign as there are with renting commercial office space, so you can store your items for 1 month or 1 year, however long you want. Count on San Diego self storage for all of your business self storage needs.