• December 9, 2023

Start a Gold Star Business Online – 3 Things You Must Do to Succeed

Thousands of people are launching new businesses online every day, most of which will fail within their first year. How can you be in the 3% who will succeed? Why do most fail? What are the 3% doing right that everyone else fails to do? The truth is, you CAN SUCCEED and build a gold star business online that is immensely successful, IF you do these three things: find a great company, find a great marketing system, then plan your work and work your plan.
Seems too obvious? Seems too simple? That’s because building a world class, gold star business …

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10 Things You Must Do Before You Quit Your Job

When I submitted my resignation letter after working at Microsoft for 11 years, all my colleagues and friends were so curious to know how I DID it. (I wasn’t yet a success at that time, but making that jump is the first step.) Many of them had been thinking of having their own business someday, but they didn’t know where to start, and more than anything else, how to work up the courage.

To be honest, starting up is the hardest part. But you can avoid so much pain and struggle if you do your homework and know what to …

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The 6 Things You Need For Business on the Internet

Whether you want a little extra pocket money or a full-time income, you can start a business on the internet for next to nothing. These 6 things are all you need to start your business.

Purchase a Domain Name

This is your address on the web. You can purchase a domain name for around $10 for a year. (It gets cheaper when you purchase for multiple years.) Go to your favorite search engine and type in “purchase domain name.” You will find lots of websites where you can search for a name and purchase it. Choosing a name that ends …

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Before You Join the Ecommerce Bandwagon There Are Some Things You Should Consider

Just because everyone else is getting into the business does not mean you should. And just because everyone says they are making money it doesn’t mean they are. For many years I lived in Los Angeles and people would go to Vegas every weekend to gamble, and every time someone came back they told me they won money. That’s obviously statistically impossible considering Las Vegas is building billion-dollar hotels and they were not doing it by losing money from every gambler from Los Angeles.
Now then, I would submit to you that many of the people that are running e-commerce …

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Tips For Starting a Small Business – Your Success Depends on Doing These Things Right!

Why are some businesses an overwhelming success while others never make it off the ground? What is it that differentiates the two?

Surprisingly it isn’t a question of money or education. There are many businesses that have had such humble beginnings as a spare bedroom or even a dining room table yet have gone on to become market leaders. There are also many businesses who have had highly educated people at the helm along with some serious financial backing and yet they still failed dismally.

Statistics show that businesses that succeed share common characteristics. Likewise businesses that never get off …

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100 Great Things You Can Buy For A Dollar

There are things you should purchase, and there are issues that you simply shouldn’t buy at a dollar store. And yet, the value difference is the entire point: in a world with good enough products (Dollar Shave Club imports their blades from Korean manufacture Dorco) that may be bought on zero marginal cost websites and shipped to your private home immediately there is no such thing as a motive to cost more. Since my current misfortunes, pushing my dollar value has by no means been so vital.

At times I’ve wondered if we have been going to be knocked out …

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