Beautiful breast forms and qualitative medical help

Beautifully shaped breasts are really important for women to feel themselves feminine and self-confident.  

Breast mammoplasty and breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery technique that uses breast implants and fat transplant mammoplasty to increase the size, сhange the shape or texture of a woman’s breasts according to her personal requests and wishes. 

Augmentation mammoplasty is also used to correct congenital defects of the breast and chest.

ADONIS Breast plastic surgery belongs to the field of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. It can be used for both aesthetic and medical reasons (for example, the breasts are malformed or need to be reconstructed after amputation).

We provide the individual approach to each case with well-developed treatment programs and examination processes. 

All efforts are aimed toward your happiness and satisfaction of natural-looking results. 

The main indications to use ADONIS Plastic surgery for breast:

  • Naturally small or undesired breast size
  • Visible asymmetry
  • Breast shape correction (after sagging processes)
  • Tuberous deformity

As was mentioned above, Breast plastic surgery can be used for both aesthetic and medical reasons. Majority of our patients want to change their breasts only from aesthetic consideration. 

But there are several medical indications for breast plastic surgery:

  • Breast correction and reconstruction (after mastectomy and resulted in neoplasms) 
  • Tuberous deformity
  • Poland syndrome (underdevelopment of the pectoralis major muscle)

Qualified personal consultation with ADONIS skilled plastic surgeons will help you to select the best option for you and your health. 

Breast after surgery care 

The result of Breast plastic surgery includes complex care, especially after the treatment. According to the guidance of doctors for the best rehabilitation, every patient should scrupulously take the medicines (if prescribed) and remove such services and substances as alcohol, cigarette smoke, sunlight influence, solarium services, sauna and hot bath usage, swimming, any hard sport activities, and sleep on the stomach.

When all recommendations are followed by patients, ADONIS ensures the greatest results which will satisfy everyone. 

Control and safety

Since any Plastic surgery is a kind of intervention into the body work, you should trust your operation process to the qualitative medical staff. ADONIS skilled specialists are prominent and renowned doctors in the field of Surgery. We control every stage of the process, from the very treatment beginning till the end of rehabilitation. 

Our main value is your health and safety, that’s why we reduce any possible complications and problems by the way of rigorous examination on the basis of ADONIS own laboratory. 

Moreover, ADONIS specialists investigate every aspect of your case history, contraindications, possible allergy reactions and other tiniest moments to ensure only good emotions and the best results.

Breast plastic surgery in ADONIS provides an inclusive opportunity to make your life more beautiful with new naturally-looked body shapes. 

Have your personal consultation with ADONIS doctor to be oriented on the great changes and qualitative medical treatment.