Creating An Efficient Office With Racking And Shelving

Creating An Efficient Office With Racking And Shelving

In most instances people that hear the phrase racking and shelving will automatically think of a retail or warehouse environment. This is understandable as racking and shelving is an integral tool in both retail and warehouse management and greatly improves performance and productivity in these areas. However, it can also be used in an office environment with similar benefits. Read on to discover how employing racking and shelving in your office could greatly improve its efficiency.

Maximising space

Renting office space can be an expensive outgoing and it is therefore important to make use of all the room that is available to us. An appropriately designed racking and shelving system means that you can make best use of the space in your office. One example of this could be the storage of ring binder files. As the devices provide the opportunity to store items on many levels rather than just on the floor space it also means you can make use of storage space up to and even above head height.

Organisational benefits

Many offices operate by using old cupboard type storage options. These are not designed for the purpose which they are used and as a result many documents and files are piled on top of each other without any set structure. This can often lead to papers being misplaced, which can cause problems for the business – sometimes even legal problems if important documents are lost.

Saving time

Being able to lay your hands on the files or documents that you require immediately saves time and thus increases productivity. It also enables staff members to respond quickly to requests for information. This can be especially useful in a customer service role where businesses trade on their reputation and their ability to provide a quality and responsive service.

Improved health and safety

The final area that racking and shelving can benefit your office is that of health and safety. Having items stored in an appropriate manner and at the correct heights means that staff members do not have to stretch or bend too much and thus put undue pressure on their body. As a result the likelihood of a staff member sustaining an injury in the workplace can be greatly reduced. This serves to not only protect the wellbeing and happiness of your workforce, but also protects the company from what could prove to be a lengthy and costly work based injury claim.