Delegating Self Storage Business Maintenance To A Professional

Delegating Self Storage Business Maintenance To A Professional

A self storage business is an elaborate and complex business involving multiple tasks and maintenance requirements. When a client chooses to store his possessions with you, he is entrusting you with the task of keeping them safe, in good condition and accessible. It is imperative that you deliver on all the customer’s requirements in order to forge good relations with your customers. Maintaining a public self storage unit is a taxing task, given the huge list of things that need to be taken care of. From keeping a check on the security of the place, to making sure it is clean, the walls are painted, the faulty locks are repaired in time, the new arrivals are assisted and explained the procedures, the delivery is picked up in time, and so on, the work seems unending.

It is, therefore, prudent to employ a professional to shoulder the responsibilities. When the work load gets out of hand and you decide upon delegating some of the responsibilities to an expert, make sure you hire the right person for the job, lest you invite trouble by hiring a novice. The tasks to be taken care of at a public self storage are of a very complex nature. A professional with relevant experience in handling the tasks should be employed for the job. You can eliminate the maintenance headaches for occasional and continuing facility upkeep by making sure the person you hire scores well on the following attributes:


Make sure the person you hire has enough relevant experience in the field and is adept at handling emergency situations that may arise. Also, it is a plus if the person you employ has his own equipment.


If your state or municipality requires licensing, ensure beforehand that the person you are hiring has proper licenses and insurance. License for roofers, builders, painters, etc. can vary from state to state. The candidate’s employees should be covered by workers’ compensation and liability insurance.


Before you bring someone on board, make suitable enquiries from their previous employers and customers about their work. The person you hire should be proactive, prompt and must report effectively the work.


It is better if you hire someone you can effectively communicate with. This would lead to better work place relations and understanding. This would in turn produce better quality work and help meet deadlines.

Scope of Work

Hire someone who understands the work well. This would go a long way in improving the standard of work and would shoot you up in popularity.


Even though it is a lucrative offer to hire the person whose bid is significantly lower than others’, do not make the mistake of hiring the person who bids the lowest just for the sake of saving some dollars. Carefully assess the caliber of a person and your own affordability before deciding the right candidate for the job.

These points, if carefully implemented, would help you hire the best person for the job and improve the quality of service at your self storage unit.