Getting a Head Start in Qatar

The Middle Eastern state of Qatar is quickly becoming the place to be if you’re looking to establish a presence in the region. With a welcoming atmosphere and progressive outlook, new company formation in Qatar is on the rise and will only increase further. It’s the ideal location for any business that wants to truly place itself ahead of its competitors, but how do you begin the process of setting yourself up there?
First step: meet the people
Your primary focus should be actually visiting the place in order to get a proper feeling for how things are done there. There is no substitute for actually being there, meeting with locals and expats and getting their opinions on what kind of options will be open to you. It’s also important that you secure the help of a sponsor; before you start business in Qatar, the law requires you to have the support of a Qatari national who will be able to guide you through the process of establishing yourself, as well as assisting with any regulations that must be followed.
This will also be the ideal time to experience life in Qatar for yourself. Moving to a new country is always something of an upheaval but by spending some time there in advance, you’ll be able to see just what day to day living can offer. Don’t be afraid to talk to the people you come across in order to get an honest view of the local area, and make sure that you get in contact with foreign nationals who have made the move as well.
Procurement of permits
Once you’ve secured a sponsor, you’ll quickly discover that there will be a lot to do in a short period of time. Work permits should be at the top of your list as, after all, there’ll be no way to do your job if you don’t have the necessary documentation. A residency permit may also be required but the process of obtaining this can be started when you arrive in Qatar itself; speak to your partner or the embassy for more information on this.
A local bank account is also needed and there are plenty of options available to you, and the method of opening one is simple and straightforward. As well as the usual identification though, there is one slight difference; you will need a letter from your employer stating how much you earn – but aside from that, getting an account should cause you no problems. On a final financial note, remember that any earnings are paid to you tax free, but do check before you move that you won’t be penalised by your country of origin.