How to Know Self Storage Units Are Well Maintained

How to Know Self Storage Units Are Well Maintained

People store anything from wine to documents and antique furniture in self storage units, and therefore they want to know that the property is well maintained and that no unexpected damage to the belongings will occur while in storage.

Here are a number of things that you could look at to ensure that the self storage units are in a good condition:

The buildings should generally appear to be in a good condition.

You do not only want these units to be waterproof, but also damp free. Check that you see no mould or cracks to the walls, as this could lead to water damage to your valuable possessions, should you plan to store it long term. Also check that the roof shows no signs of leaks. Properly build storage facilities will have air vents ensuring ventilation that will prevent it from being damp.

Are the self storage units clean and most importantly pest free? There is nothing as bad as returning to stored goods only to find that moths have eaten your old documents or pictures. Ask the person on duty how the company ensures a pest free environment.

Also ask what the company’s fire plan is. Are the units fireproof?

Some self storage companies undergo assessments on a regular basis to ensure that everything is clean and safe. You could ask whether this is the case at the self storage company that you have chosen.

Friendly and professional service will give you a good idea of how the company is run. If employees do not care about the client, they will not care about your belongings.