How to Search for a Valet Career

A Valet Job

Many high-end hotels have vacancies for valets. These are the people who greet and welcome guests when they arrive at the facility. A good valet should be friendly, provide excellent customer support and help guests with finding their way around the hotel. You can read more about a valet career at Valet Jobs Denver, CO-based.

Valet Job Qualifications

A Valid License

To land a  professional valet job, you should have a valid driving license and a proven track record of clean driving. If the valet job you are applying for requires you to have a car, you should make sure that you have valid auto insurance.

Professional Communicator

A valet job will require you to have excellent professional communication skills, both verbal and written. Most of the time, as a valet professional, you will have to answer the guest’s questions, and sometimes you may be required to guide and direct them to attractions or great places within the locality. Learn more about etiquette with Valet Jobs Denver, CO.

Integrity and Accountability

A valet should be an accountable person who upholds high standards of integrity to protect clients’ sensitive information. This explains why you may be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement by some companies when accepting your job offer. This is a binding agreement that you agree to abide by the company’s rules and regulations.

Experience in Driving

A valet should also have extensive driving experience for both auto and manual vehicles. Sometimes you may be required to park clients’ cars or even drive them around, therefore a good driving track record is a great asset.

Highly Organized

A valet should possess great organizational skills, to maintain client records, and a good memory to easily recall information about guests’ vehicles and keys. Hone your organizational skills with tips from valet jobs.

Ability to Multitask and Stand for Long Hours

A valet should be prepared to multitask and sometimes attend to several clients at once and be strong enough to stand for long hours. Multitasking is a very important skill that can be developed through setting realistic goals, prioritizing tasks, allowing sufficient time to complete goals, writing a daily schedule, working at a steady pace and avoiding distractions.

A valet job comes in different categories and you can choose the right choice that suits your needs. Some valet jobs do not require specialized training and can offer flexible hours for students. It depends on the valet’s company needs or the available jobs.