How to Start a Business Under : 20 Dollar Start Up

How to Start a Business Under $20: 20 Dollar Start Up

When someone thinks about starting a business the first thought is the cost. Traditionally starting a business was associated with a large up front cost. That means you would have to find financing. Entrepreneurs would use their saving, credit cards, family members, or go to the bank. Even with proper planning starting a business would come with a heavy cost. But now there is this thing (not sure if you heard of it) called the internet. The Internet has leveled the playing field it is now possible to open a business with little or no cost. The best part of opening a business on-line is that whatever you have a passion for, or whatever you are interested in you can build a business around it and profit. The reason why a lot of people are not opening businesses on-line is that they are still stuck in the mindset that there is a huge up front cost to start a business. And that is a dangerous mindset to have if you want to realize your dream of being a entrepreneur. This article will show 3 on-line business models that you can start up for 20 dollars or less.

Blog – This is the number one way that many people on-line earn their money. The way it’s work is pretty simple you write about a topic and make money. The reason why on-line entrepreneurs start with a blog is that is free. At least the platform is free you would have to pay for a domain name which is no more than 10 dollars at websites like Go Daddy(this site is mentioned because of Danica Patrick, I think she cute). And you would have to pay for hosting which can be 10 dollars a month. For the low cost a blog can produce a six-figure income. If you want more information on blogging I advise you to check out the number one resource for bloggers at .

Yahoo Store – If you are not the writing type another way to start a business for around 20 dollars is opening up a store. This is not a store where you will stock inventory. This is a virtual store that is powered by the most powerful e-commerce network on the web, Yahoo. You can start off with Yahoo’s merchant starter plan for $25.97. Find a product you would like to sell and find a company that will dropship orders directly to the customer, so you do not have to stock inventory yourself. Then watch the money roll in.

Advertising website – This is a website you build up with content that is targeted to a certain type of visitor. For ex. A website that is built for bodybuilders will have articles,advertising, and products that a bodybuilder will find useful. The purpose for building these websites is to let them sit there and make money by the traffic that comes to the website. The business model is similar to the way vending machine business model model is set up. And you can start a website for less than 20 dollars(that is the cost of a domain name and hosting).

The Business model in this article is written just to get the mind working about low cost business opportunities. As entrepreneurs we have to destroy the high cost start up mentality, and know that there are low cost alternatives to starting a business and we can take full advantage of them. If you have any low cost ways to start a business feel free to share them in the comments section.