How to Start Your Online Business With Little Or No Money

Today, thanks to technology, starting a business would never been easier. You don’t need brick and mortar shop to start selling anything. You don’t need to invest for product creation and hire employees like a normal factory.

All you need is internet connection and work anywhere you want, whether at home, office or even on the road. These are among internet business models that you can try:

Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is perhaps the best business model for anyone who wants to make serious income online. Whether you are just starting up, or already have your own product, this model is suitable for you, since you don’t need additional money to invest on product creation. All products are provided for you in online marketplace like Amazon, eBay or Clickbank. Your job is to send customers so they buy through your affiliate link.

Google AdSense. This one is similar to affiliate marketing, except you will be paid each time someone click on your ads, and not necessarily until that person buy something. Of course, the payout is not a high as affiliate marketing, but still a simple way to start making money online. Too bad, most people fail with AdSense since they think the trick is about getting traffic. Actually, the key to success with AdSense is not about getting a many traffic as you can, but get targeted traffic to your AdSense websites. Remember that your ads is paid by an advertiser, and he will love to pay if you send real buyers, and not just freebie seekers.

Selling on eBay. This one is suitable for those who doesn’t want to spend on advertising cost. At eBay, all most of the traffic already in buying mode. Which means, you don’t need to worry about poor conversion or anything related to marketing with search engines. Plus, you can also drive customers from eBay to buy your products outside the marketplace. You can sell anything, from used camera or cell phones, to cars or jewelry.

Pay-per-post. This is actually another advertising program but different from PPC advertising. A blogger will be paid each time he write review about advertiser’s product. The amount of payment depends on number of blog readers and traffic to his blog.