Self Storage Units Points to Consider

Self Storage Units Points to Consider

Whether moving to a new home, relocating for a job or for an expanding business, all need extra space for property and inventory. That’s where self storage comes in. Monthly rental units come in sizes to suit every need and budget.

There are some points to keep in mind when renting a monthly unit. Consider the size of the storage space, organization of items, location and security of storage facility, and monthly budget. The size of the unit needed can be estimated by the number of boxes in a given room or by the pieces of furniture in a room. Rental sizes can vary by company, but may run from 4x4x5 to 10x20x11.

Boxes can be stacked together and then measured to get a good estimate for the size needed. A bedroom suite, for instance, can be disassembled in a room and then measured around to get a rough size. Organization is also crucial. When each box is filled, be sure to take inventory. This can be written either on the outside or on a separate sheet of paper.

Some basic tips that may help locate items faster are to draw a map of the container and number the boxes. A key on the bottom with the item contents will save time when retrieving them. Packing efficiently can save money, so care should be taken when filling boxes. Heavier items go in first, then lighter. Don’t overfill it, or it will be too heavy to carry or the bottom may break open.

An often overlooked consideration is the location and security of the facility itself. Is it close enough to drive to when needed? Is it located in a safe neighborhood? Does it have extended hours on the weekends? Does it have just a security gate or actual security personnel on the premises with security cameras?

Look at the facility before signing any monthly agreement. Check to see if the place is well cared for. Are there broken locks on some doors? Is it painted and are there water stains inside the ceiling of the unit? Leaks will ruin any property. Do they have liability insurance or is it neede

After finding a suitable unit, be sure to understand the contract for the monthly rent. A security deposit will be taken at signing. Some facilities will have a rent special for those that agree to stay a certain amount of time, or they may have a discount. Careful planning and preparation can make self storage less stressful.