Self Storage With a Difference

Self Storage With a Difference

Self Storage does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money on renting a space that is more than what you need and for which you might have to wait. Today, self storage is all about the customer and his wants.

Storage warehouses have realized the importance of what the customer seeks and when.

What Does The Customer Seek?

Typically you would require a small storage space when you need to store some shopping bags while on a return trip from the mall. Another scenario is when you need a large space to shift your furniture and other household items. In this case a larger space is required.

Both these ends can be met with today’s self storage options. The smallest size starts from a 50 sq ft of space. The proportions increase and you can look into spaces from a walk-in closet to large one-car garage sized room. With these options it is not difficult to find something that rightly fits all your requirements and that too without any notice. All you would need to do is call the storehouse and tell them of your needs.

With the problem of size taken care of you can think about other issues. If you need to store some atmosphere-sensitive items like priceless paintings, some photography equipment or even an old heirloom you can choose climate controlled self storage. This allows you to set the temperature of the unit to suit your item. This atmosphere will guarantee that nothing will damage your belongings while under the roof of the self storage warehouse.

If you are looking to park your large vehicle or even your boat or yacht, these warehouses have the perfect alternatives. There are large enough spaces inside the building for boats and even outside with shelter for cars. With these spaces you can rest assured that you do not need to leave these very costly items behind if you are thinking of taking a trip.

Apart from these features, the other best feature can be termed as security. Security of items in the warehouse is given the utmost importance. That is the reason why these storehouses have 24 hour surveillance and are electronically monitored day and night. Only authorized persons are allowed entry inside the premises and tenants holding a valid ID card will be given access inside the inner walls. With this top-notch security in place you can rest assured that your belongings are perfectly safe.

Perhaps the only other thing that can sway a customer’s mind is the price that is charged. Here also you as a customer are given a lot of options which are hard to say no to.

Only a nominal monthly fee is charged for a longer use of the self storage unit. If you are renting it by the hour, the prices are irresistible. With discount options and other surprise bonus features, these storehouses allow the customer to feel like a king. Price might just prove to be a turning point if you are still undecided about your options.

With so many features and benefits, self storage is the best place to dump all your worries and keep your home clutter-free and spacious, inside as well as outside.