Storage Unit Conditions For Wine Storage

Storage Unit Conditions For Wine Storage

Wine has been typically stored underground or in caves for hundreds of years. Why is that so? Storing them underground or in caves are the most ideal due to the conditions that are available – cool, dark, still surrounding air and humid conditions. These are the best conditions that wine should be stored in to ensure optimal quality. The fact that you are bothered about how to store your wine indicates that you probably have quite a fair bit of wine in your collection and they are actually expensive ones. Who will actually bother about storing cheap inferior wine? There are many different ways to store wine and the most common two are using a wine storage cabinet and a wine storage box. There are many benefits to it and the main one is that you are able to keep it within your sight every single day.

In terms of temperature, the best conditions are between 10A�C to 15A�C with 11A�C being the most optimal for aging. Storing wine in temperature higher than this will dramatically increase the energy barrier and increase the rate of aging and this is bad for wine. A lower or higher temperature can also cause the cork to expand or contract and this is unfavourable for the wine as moisture can seep in and affect the quality of the wine.

Humidity control is also important. Although humid conditions can help prevent the corks from drying out, it can also damage the labels on the wine and this is a taboo in wine collection. You want the original labels to remain on the wine and blemished labels can greatly degrade the value of the wine. Wine storage is not about keeping the taste and quality of the wine in the best condition possible. It is also about ensuring that the exterior remains in immaculate condition.

Exposure to sunlight will have negative effects on the wine. The first line of defence is the colour of the glass. Have you noticed that wine bottles are usually dark coloured and this is to prevent as much UV light from entering the bottle as possible. UV light will cause chemical reactions to happen in the wine and result in the formation of hydrogen sulfide and that will cause a rotten egg odour in the wine.

Wine storage is actually very easy. You need to store it in a place that is cool, humid, dark and still. All these are the best conditions for the wine to ensure that their integrity is maintained.