• December 1, 2023

7 Mindset Changes – From Employee to Business Owner

The tough economy and high unemployment may have you thinking about becoming a business owner. As an employee, you work in a box. It can be a very nice box, but it still has its limitations. As a business owner, you have endless possibilities and endless challenges. Here are some of the differences, and some of the surprises, you may find as you move from working for someone else to being your own boss.
Goodbye to a weekly paycheck
Even if you hated your job and worried about losing it, as an employee you could count on a regular paycheck …

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How Tapping For Income Reprograms Your Wealth Mindset

Obtaining run the administrative finish of a number of small firms, I learned how to navigate the requirements for unemployment insurance coverage for our personnel. Also the cash program is not a stationary block that can be examined and understood as discrete pieces – it is a moving cloud of interactions where everything affects and is impacted by everything – and some issues move almost everything. The U.S. Division of Justice is working to recover at least $1 billion in assets that had been bought with income stolen from the fund. Now, I do not make any money from the …

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