Tips for Effective Communication

Communication in short is a person or group that exchanges information to stay connected, the purpose of communication is to provide information and build relationships with each other. Effective communication is that the communicator and the communicant both have the same understanding of a message, so that both parties who communicate equally understand what the message is conveying.

Effective communication is the exchange of information, ideas, feelings and attitudes between two people or groups whose results are in line with expectations and can result in changes in attitudes in people involved in communication.

Get to know the other person

Knowing the other person is one of the other important factors to have good Communication Skills; describe in the heart about the other person, so that it is always remembered. The description includes things: their origin, personality, emotional temperament, habits, likes, dislikes, etc. The way of communicating is adjusted to the condition of the interlocutor; starting from the language; Speaking Style; body language; habits, maybe even additional topics, etc.

Be a Good Listener

When communicating with other people, be sure to listen carefully to not only the words they say, but also their body language, and the emotions they display. When communicating there are all kinds of nonverbal cues that can be picked up that will be of benefit in understanding the other person. Show the other person that we are listening; for example by repeating words, nodding, saying something, etc.

Body Language

For most people, body language will appear automatically when speaking and communicating because it is trying to describe feelings, explain and emphasize, or indicate position, etc. We can intervene to help communicate more smoothly by moving the body to display body language to compensate for the body language of the other person. Good body language when communicating is to maintain eye contact and maintain an open posture (eg not crossing your arms and facing the other person’s chest). When communicating while holding the gadget should be avoided; postpone the gadget first to show interest in real time communications.

Relax and Positive Thinking

When we are communicating with other people, sometimes we think that they are judging us about everything we talk about. These feelings will affect everything we do or talk about when communicating with others, whether we pay attention or not.
So get rid of that feeling and replace it with a relaxed action and positive thinking that people judge us good; some may judge others; what is the importance of our value in the eyes of someone when he knows nothing about us. But in general people don’t really care; most are too busy with their own business; and it is natural.