Tips in Maximizing Your Storeroom Capacity

Tips in Maximizing Your Storeroom Capacity

Our personal storage spaces are getting smaller nowadays. Houses, apartments and offices are all shrinking in size yet exploding in prices. How do we keep our ever increasing items organized in an ever shrinking space?

Multi role cabinets

Many of the cabinets in the storeroom are able to serve more than one purpose. There are spaces around in it that can double up as a shoe storage space. With the ever increasing amount of shoes by ladies, this serves an important role in maximizing storeroom capacity.

Multi level shelves

Many people tend to place their items on their storeroom floor. This not only hinders personnel movement but also uses up precious space. By using multi level shelves preferably stretching from the bottom to the ceiling, space can be increased by nearly fivefold. Not only that, everything is very much more organized than previously.

Re-using plastic containers

Plastic containers are excellent to separate different items from each other such as nail polishes, accessories and toys. Not only can they allow easier access, they also save a lot of space. An organized drawer can keep more items than a disorganized one.

Dividing drawer compartments

By dividing drawer space into different compartments, it is easier to store items. When storing socks, they can be rolled up into a ball and save space. When storing undergarments, they can be rolled into a bundle and stored. All these maximize storage space yet allowing more items to be stored.

Getting rid of unusable items

When items are unusable, get rid of them. Do not keep expired, broken items in the storeroom for sentimental sake. All those take up precious space and make the storeroom cluttered.

Wall spaces

Wall spaces are often neglected but they are the best. Shelves can be mounted onto the shelves to store your things. Hooks can be added onto the walls to hang small bags of rags.

Using cardboards

Store all rarely used items inside a cardbox, placing the heaviest at the bottom and lightest on top and stacks the different boxes together in a corner. This will free up spaces here and there for things that need it most.

Space is a limitation and we will need to find ways to counter it. There are in fact many places that can be useful storage spaces; we just have to use our imagination and do it. Be amazed by how you can maximize storage space.

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