4 Self-employment Options

If you are tired of inflexible schedules and unreasonable demands in your current job, then perhaps it is time to consider making the transition to self-employment. Being self-employed often allows you to set your own hours, following your own standards (at least to a point) and take control of your career. While this route isn’t for everyone, read on for some options that might set you on the road to self-employed success.

Writing and Editing

If you have a talent for writing interesting articles, top-notch control of grammar and an eye for detail, then you might do well in a freelance writing or editing position. There are plenty of online companies that hire writers and editors as independent contractors. You can usually set your own schedule as long as you strictly meet deadlines and follow style sheets.


Perhaps you have teaching experience and a firm command of one or more academic subjects. If so, you might do well as a tutor, either online or in person. You could work as an independent contractor with a company, or you might advertise to build up your own set of clients. You will have to work around students’ schedules with this job, but you will still have plenty of flexibility.


Maybe you have a talent for making your home shine. Then you may want to think about turning your cleaning skills into a business. Residential and commercial cleaning Pittsburgh PA are always in demand, and you may be able to build up a client base quite quickly.

Real Estate

Finally, you might choose a career in real estate. Be aware that this will take more time and effort to get started, for you will have to take some classes, pass exams and get your license. When everything is in place, though, you will have the satisfaction of guiding your clients through selling their houses and finding their perfect homes.

Self-employment really is a possibility for you, so begin by doing some research, and then make the leap into greater flexibility and job satisfaction.