Egg donation & Surrogacy center

Surrogacy treatment includes the possibility of Egg donation in case of special medical indications in women. It helps to reach successful infertility treatment results for families whose main dream is to have a baby.

ADONIS Egg Donation & Surrogacy center provides a wide variety of infertility treatment options including Egg and Sperm Donation.

Proven Donor base

ADONIS has its own Donor base for all patients who are ready to participate in Infertility Programs. We select the best candidates according to the strict system of examination and screening to ensure the safety for your future babies and their total health. 

We exclude any possible abnormalities in the genetic material of the donor both egg and sperm one. Only qualitative approach and proven test results help us to maintain the highest level of the treatment process. 

ADONIS Egg donor selection requirement are following:

  • Woman’s age

For greater efficiency and effectiveness we select the candidates of the 20-30 years. With time, the body’s reserves decrease, patients of an older age group have concomitant chronic diseases (obesity, arterial hypertension, varicose veins, etc.), which can negatively affect the ability to bear a child.

  • Health state

The ideal health state of the donor ensures the higher results and effectiveness of Infertility treatment. Such diseases as chronic untreated endometriosis, endometrial polyps and others have a bad influence on the whole process and are unacceptable for ADONIS donors. 

  • Lifestyle

ADONIS selection of the donor includes the total review of the whole candidate’s lifestyle. Bad habits (smoking. drinking, drug use), unhealthy and non-active way of life, bad case history – the main indicators for us, the availability of listed points makes it impossible for the candidate to be accessed into the ADONIS own Donor base.

  • Voluntary nature

The voluntary consent to participate in the ADONIS Infertility Program is one the main non-medical requirements for candidates. Total compliance with the doctor’s recommendations, readiness to begin the Program immediately and total confidence in the wish to help other people to conceive – are must.

Infertility treatment with Egg donation effectiveness

ADONIS Success rate of the Infertility treatment is the main pride of our medical staff. 

According to the data of 2020 year, the percentage of success of Surrogacy Infertility treatment with Egg donation is 60%! This result is really decent and is our main persuasive factor.

Ukrainian legislation allows the infertility treatment with donor material using only under specific medical indications and anonymity. 

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies work under the whole conditions and norms of the Ukrainian government. Our medical and equipment facilities are certificates, licensed and approved not only under both Ukrainian and worldwide norms. Your safety and professional health control are ensured!

ADONIS Center for Surrogacy and Egg donation is the best example of professional medical treatment with doctors’ expertise and all-round support. Choose the best option individually for you and experience the treatment of world quality in Ukraine. We are waiting for you!