7 Big Questions You Should Ask Before Starting a Home Business

Starting and building a good, profitable home business can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you can do in your life. But before you start, if you truly want to be happy and successful, you should ask yourself these 7 big questions:
1. Do I have some money or credit to invest in my future?
A home business is a business. It is not a salaried job. All good, legitimate businesses and home businesses require some start up capital or credit and some money for expenses until the business turns profitable. Find a business that is in your budget. Be prepared to invest in start up and operating expenses, but don’t get in over your head.
2. Am I willing to make a commitment and do some work?
It’s amazing how many people want to start a home business and make a lot of money, but they don’t want to do the work required to make it profitable and successful. A lot if people are looking for a magical push-button business without investing the time to learn the business, get trained, develop skills for success and do the actual work required. Making a real commitment and actually doing work are a necessary part of being a successful entrepreneur.
As anyone who has held a job knows, there are a lot of lazy workers muddling through jobs out there. A lazy person quite simply will not do well in his or her own business.
Granted, there are some business owners who do not do any work in their business. They simply own it and hire people to run the business and do all the work. Those people are really investors. A home business requires that the owner do some actual work.
3. Can I wait a few weeks to start getting paid?
When starting up a home business, there is a learning curve and a build up phase. Both take time. Ask yourself if you have the working capital to build the business to profitability. Starting a home business is like launching a rocket: it requires a lot more time and energy to get it off the ground than it will later on when it is in full flight, just cruising along with you just keeping it on course.
4. Do I have an entrepreneurial mindset?
Anyone coming from a job or the corporate world and into a home business must learn to make an attitude adjustment and a major shift in mindset. The good employee mindset will not be enough. Every employee has a boss. In a home business, you will be an independent contractor. Although you must learn from other successful entrepreneurs and follow training instructions, ultimately you must learn to be your own boss. You must learn to think like a successful entrepreneur, a successful businessperson and a profitable business owner.
5. Can I be my own boss?
This is a biggie. Some people are just not cut out to be business owners and entrepreneurs. They would be much more successful as good employees. Look at the skills required to be successful in the home business you want to start and build. Do you feel you can do it? Will you enjoy the work that is required? Can you be a self-motivated self-starter on a daily basis? Can you manage your time? These are some important questions you need to ask yourself.
6. Do I have big goals that will drive me?
Success in a home business requires a lot of determination, passion and drive. You will notice that those who are very successful in business all have big, specific goals and dreams. They have them written down and they look at them often.
A forty-year long study has shown that people with written goals are thirty time more likely to be successful that those without written goals. Also, bigger goals are more likely to create and attract bigger success. If your goal is to make $40,000 per year in your business, there is no real chance that you will make $400,000.
Write down all of your goals and get excited about them. Envision attaining them. Know that you will be successful. Be excited and passionate about reaching you goals and achieving your dreams.
7. Will I be able to fulfill my dreams?
It is essential that you feel confident that you will definitely be able to achieve your personal goals and dreams from starting and building your home business. You must have faith and confidence or else your subconscious mind will sabotage your efforts and you will fail. If you are not confident that a particular home business is the right vehicle to help you achieve your goals and dreams, then don’t do it. It is not a match for you. Find one that will get you where you want to go in life.
Fulfilling your dreams in life can be wonderful. For many individuals, starting and building a good, fun, profitable home business has been the vehicle to fulfilling their dreams.
If you want to be that business success that you have dreamed about, ask yourself these 7 big questions and get clear about what it takes to be successful. If you feel that you have it, then go for it! Get started and keep going until you get when you want to be in life! And enjoy the journey!