Get Maximum Benefit From Self Storage – Tips For Relocated Expats

Get Maximum Benefit From Self Storage – Tips For Relocated Expats

Self storage has been a useful option for businesses requiring extra space for their inventory, records, files, seasonal promotional materials, raw materials and product samples. Nowadays, moving and packing companies are using these warehousing facilities for temporarily storing their clients’ belongings during the relocation process. Self storage facilities are also becoming popular among the expats who now prefer to store all or some of their household belongings instead of carrying them along to their new location. So, it seems apt to give some tips about obtaining maximum benefit from such self storage facility!

Pack Properly: Use such packing supplies as cartons, paper, tape, bubble-wrap and plastic covers so that they remain protected while the whole storage period. Place the things in cartons in proper ways. For example, pack the books flat and not on their edges. Place the paintings, mirrors, window screens and other framed items on their edges and not flat. Wrap them up with bubble-wrap or in a flat-pack carton.

Precautions for Heavy Items: Thoroughly dry and clean such items as fridges, freezers, water filters etc. before storing. Place a deodorizer inside them to avoid any odor and maintain freshness. Keep them empty, do not store anything inside fridge or freezer. Empty your cupboards and drawers. Store your clothing in strong, secure cartons. Place some naphthalene or mothballs to protect them. Where possible, disassemble furniture to avoid damage and save space. Vacuum before storing in order to prevent them from bugs.

Precautions for Metal and Fragile items: Wrap the breakables such as dishes and glasswares individually in packing paper. Fill any gap in the cartons with crumpled paper or linen. Label the cartons containing fragile items. Don’t store them with or below heavy items. Wrap silver items in non acidic tissue paper or plastic bags to avoid tarnishing. Treat chrome or cast iron with a little machine oil to prevent them from rust.

Packing of Electronics, Computers, and Machinery: Remove the batteries from any battery operated appliances and toys in order to avoid leaking batteries. If possible, pack your computer in its original cartons otherwise use bubble wraps and also fill up the gaps in the carton. Most of the latest models of computers have “self parking heads” which automatically park themselves whenever you shut off their power. If you are unsure, check the computer manual or consult your retailer, especially when storing them for longer than six months. Drain fuel and oil from all machinery to avoid any leakage, spillage and damage like fire hazard to other goods in your space.

Tips for Storing Properly: Keep the heavy items at the back of the storage unit, working forwards and upwards with lighter items. Those items that need to be accessed often must be placed in the front of the unit. Leave some space as walk ways. Read the Self Storage Agreement documents thoroughly. Clarify any doubts before hiring such service. Observe self-storage restrictions. Don’t store any hazardous, dangerous, illegal, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods in the self storage unit. Insure the items sored in such facility. If your insurance cover has provision for items in storage, its well and good otherwise consult your self storage consultant to get an insurance cover.