How To Buy A USPS Money Order

How To Buy A USPS Money Order

Recently, MoneyGram removed the Travelers Express name from their money order item. Now, if only Armstrong can somehow locate a way to conveniently clarify away how on Earth the Klein’s endorsement stamp AND Lee Harvey Oswald’s own handwriting (which was verified as Oswald’s by at least 4 different handwriting analysts) managed to attach themselves to the CE788 Hidell U.S. Postal Money Order, then Mr. Armstrong will be property free on this situation.

As for the lack of any bank stamps appearing on the back of Oswald’s postal money order, I never have a definitive answer to clarify it. But I’d be willing to bet the farm that there IS a reasonable and non-conspiratorial answer to clarify the lack of markings on the back of that document with no resorting to the conclusion that the money order was manufactured and faked by a group of conspirators in a complex and intricate effort to frame Lee Harvey Oswald for John F. Kennedy’s murder.

As soon as you receive the money order please cashed it at your bank instantly or you will be ask to deposit the money order for 24 hours and come back for the cash the next day, and then you can deduct the money for your item plus further $50 which is a gift for you and you are to wire the remaining funds to my Mover through Western Union Transfer.

Cash laundering is a crime and, whilst most will be in a position to prove that they had been legitimately duped and most likely be let off, they will discover themselves possessing to deal, not with a bank manager seeking to recover the $2,950 for the check that bounced, but with the FBI and IRS for crimes involving illegal use of the banking technique, moving money illegally and helping to steer clear of taxes via funds laundering.

If you can’t locate these offices in your phone book or don’t know which of the several numbers listed for the police and FBI you can always go to the manager of the bank branch where you bank and that individual can give you numbers to contact as they perform with law enforcement regularly on these and other possible threats to the safety of the bank’s income.