British Homeowners Face Storage Problems

British Homeowners Face Storage Problems

It’s not only in the North American region where families are experiencing a lack of storage space in their own homes. Even in the U.K., this problem is haunting many British homes.

A 2012 survey done by the Institute of British Architects found that many families no longer have enough space to keep their important belongings. The report entitled “The Way We Live” stated how some families described home situations that show their lack of storage space problem. As an example, grocery items bought in a buy-one-get-one-free basis can no longer be accommodated in the kitchen and end up in the back of the car while vacuum cleaners are kept in the house of one the spouse’s parents.

The survey also found that the most common issue pertains to the unavailability of a space to keep everyday items such as clothes, linen and sometimes, even food. Among the things that the British want and need from their modern abodes, two involved the storage area.

Another important consideration pointed out in the RIBA report was about the need for a private storage space. This was to keep personal things such as food, bed linen and clothing private away from the watchful eyes of the visitors. Many of the respondents felt that new homes including flats in the country do not have sufficient storage areas where they can keep their basic and personal stuff moving forward.

Specifically, the findings pointed out two important requirements. The need for long and short term storage not only for personal belongings but as well as for useful everyday items and a specific area where homeowners can do their domestic chores and store vacuum cleaners, trash bins and items that can be recycled.

In response to this report, authorities in the housing sector admit the lack of comprehensive information as to how the British are living their lives today. They expressed gratitude over this new survey findings saying that the research can be made as vital evidence in helping the government and builders design better homes with enough storage space. They added that the report clearly shows how new houses are poorly planned and how people are finding ways to cope with the problem.

Another research published in the Guardian showed not many people are buying modern homes these days. The reasons include not enough space in rooms, lack of storage, natural light and flexible spaces in the private living area. Many consumers say the new houses do not meet the needs of modern families unlike in the olden days.

Meanwhile, a Case for Space report done by RIBA revealed that modern homes in the U.K. are actually smaller than those in Ireland, Denmark and Germany. To add to this problem, real estate agents and valuers are ignoring the storage and other essential features of a home in their marketing. What they do instead is promote the number of bedrooms to potential buyers.

If you’re one of those affected, the best solution to your issue is to rent a self storage unit. This way, you have a safe place to keep your personal items whether for the short or long term without having to spend a lot of money.