Is Storage Rental A Good Option for You?

Is Storage Rental A Good Option for You?

You may have found your home shrinking from an addition to the family or even from years of acquiring items that are now taking up more and more space. This is about as common as… The questions people are left with is “what to do now.” There are really three options;

1.) Get rid of the things you do not use anymore..

2.) Move to a bigger location with more space and sq ft…

3.) Find a local self storage facility nearby and rent extra sq ft. for a fraction of the cost.

For most people getting rid of things is hard to do (ever see the show Hoarders?! – kidding) even if they haven’t used the items in years. There is something about having paid for things in the past and throwing or selling them that is hard for people to do. For whatever reason, we become attached to our things and letting go just is not an option.

With the latest downturn in the US economy, stocks have dropped and real estate markets still below average, most home owners will lose money if they try and sell right now making upgrading their living space not an option. A family needs to be financially sound to buy a home with more sq ft. and with the future of the economy unknown people tend to hang on to their money.

One of the most affordable solutions to an undersized home is taking advantage of a nearby storage rental facility. They are not only affordable but they are usually conveniently located, very secure and require little commitment. If you have extra items you don’t have room for in your storage closets or garage, a storage rental unit is a great way to go.

You May be a Candidate for Storage Rental if:

You have seasonal decorations you need to store

You have furniture or clothes not being used

You live in a climate where it snows so you have different lawn tools for each season. You may also want to store bikes, camping gear, golf clubs etc.

You have clutter all around your house

You are trying to sell your home and want to make your house look bigger

You have a classic car you don’t have room in your garage for

You have a business that requires a large inventory

You want to improve a room or area in your house and need a place to put the furniture while the construction is going on.

Usually each city will have several self storage buildings, giving you an option for location and price. Denver storage rental is a great way to give you extra room in your home for a fraction of the cost of upgrading your home or adding more sq ft. to your home.