What Is Self-Storage Good For? Absolutely Everything

What Is Self-Storage Good For? Absolutely Everything

Self-storage is not necessarily a cheap option for storing your possessions long-term but it does offer a secure and affordable service that is preferable to throwing away treasured possessions or buying a larger house. With the housing market in the UK and elsewhere in the Western world in the doldrums house prices per square foot in the South East of the UK are still amongst some of the highest in the world and a house with just one extra room can cost significantly more, certainly much more than a storage unit.

So instead of worrying about the financial cost of storing your possessions away why not think about what self-storage is good for?

1. Storing treasured possessions such as children’s books or favourite toys, baby clothes that bring back fond memories or family heirlooms being saved for the next generation. You may not use them every day or even want to see them every day but they are part of a store of important memories. Items such as theses have little, if any, financial value to anyone else but have great sentimental value to you and your family.

2. If you are in between selling one home and buying another or living temporarily abroad and renting out your own home, you will need to store all of your household belongings and self-storage is the perfect solution for such temporary storage. It offers clean, dry storage that you can lock up and leave.

3. A good facility will have excellent security such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, controlled entry and even security guards around the clock at some sites. If you are worried about security check the facility out in advance of signing an agreement. You will almost certainly find that the security is of a much higher standard than in your own home.

4. Storage of business stock can be much more cost effective in a special unit than in more expensive office space or in your home where there is unlikely to be adequate room and where your business stock can get in the way of normal family living. Especially if your stock tends to be seasonal and much of it is stored away for a good part of the year. It will be kept secure, clean and dry while you do not need it.

Providing you pay your monthly bill on time and choose a storage provider carefully (i.e one that does not raise the prices after the first few months) you should be able to budget for a fixed period and know exactly how much you will be paying for your self storage. But ultimately it is an individual decision whether you want to have items filling your home to overflowing or choose to pay to have them securely stored elsewhere. Some people do not like to pay for services that they can do themselves (such as gardening, cleaning the house or car etc) but others recognise the benefits of such services. A storage unit is the same sort of service and only you can decide whether it is right for you.