Jobs That Offer Flexible Schedules and Locations

Life is busy for many people, and the workforce is beginning to shift to adapt to it. Do you want to work but struggle to fit in a traditional 9 to 5 job? Are you eager to push yourself to try something new but can’t make a Monday to Friday occupation fit your schedule? If you’re ready to tackle something with more freedom, consider the following positions.

1. Tech Writing

Companies need writers. Now more than ever, print is critical to helping customers and employees sell items and train for jobs. Many industries, though, don’t have people skilled in writing. They need freelance technical writers to put together manuals and articles that other people can understand. These jobs are often based on contract and boast a pretty flexible timeframe.

2. Transcriber

Are you a speedy typist? Do you like to listen to audiotapes? Businesses often need people to transcribe their audio calls. Set your hours based on the operation’s deadlines. Feel free to work at night or in the daytime as long as it gets done.

3. Customer Service Reps

This career required strict hours in the past, but many places now offer flex time. You can contact customers when convenient, fitting it in with your other obligations. Make phone calls, gather information and help answer questions. Find opportunities in various fields.

4. Blog Writer

Bloggers deliver online content. You can do this on your webpage or for a company. Create a portfolio to highlight your writing talent and network on online sites to find clients. Increase work when you have more time, and take off time when you need to relax.

You can make your hours. Be open to something new. Jobs are out there; be ready to explore a new field and test the waters. The perk of the exploration is it could be on your time.