The Art of Storing Antiques and Heirlooms

The Art of Storing Antiques and Heirlooms

Storing vintage or heirloom anything can be tricky; from vinyl albums to that classic Model T’s, there are lots of options for “hiding them away” for safe keeping. But what is the best way to ensure the longevity – and value – of your treasures?

Proper storage is imperative in the preservation of all things old. Nature’s elements – temperature fluctuations (including humidity or the lack there of), sunlight, and even insects can wreak havoc on your collectibles. Take for example, the classic Model T. Time can be unforgiving to automobiles: they can emerge from your garage with “ailments,” ranging from rotting rubber to rusted metal; blistering paint to mildewed upholstery. And forget about those classic vinyl albums. Left in the wrong conditions, the records may no longer roll out of the album sleeve because they have warped into an oblong, egg-shaped disc; the album’s liner notes may be little more than a blur of ink.

The key to storing your valuables is secure, convenient, climate-controlled self storage. Climate controlled storage units can preserve all of your antiques and heirlooms. Regardless of the weather conditions outside, your valuables are protected and secure in a controlled milieu.

Keep in mind that, benign as it may seem, paper (and anything on it) is highly susceptible to multiple environmental conditions – especially temperature and light (both natural and artificial.) Ink and paint pigments can fade or bleed after extended storage under less-than-desirable conditions. (Consider that diploma stored in a box in your attic that was to be framed, eventually.) High humidity, poor air circulation, and excessive heat can all contribute to the deterioration of paper and canvas; extreme cold can cause them to become brittle.

Fabrics can suffer the same fate if stored improperly. Fading, molding and fraying are just a few of the “effects” that can affect your great-grandmother’s chaise if left too long in your damp basement. Insects can also be quietly (but significantly) damaging to antiques and heirlooms. Silverfish, cockroaches, woodworms, and termites tend to inhabit dark, warm places, where they thrive on wood, wood pulp (paper), glues and fabrics.

Your valuable deserve a good home. If your own home is overcrowded at the moment, self storage offers a safe, spacious, “Mother Nature-protected” ‘second home’ for your treasures.