5 Items That Take Up Too Much Space at Home

5 Items That Take Up Too Much Space at Home

“I am trying to throw away my unwanted things, but I am afraid that I will need the things in future.” Is this statement familiar to you? We have so many things that takes up too much space at home. We often stuff our things into boxes that we do not touch and these boxes take up all the empty spaces, leading us to be deprived of them.

Music CDs

Many of us love music and would queue up just to purchase the latest music CDs from our favourite singers. Despite the music CDs looking small and thin, they actually take up a lot of space when accumulated. Most of us simply purchase them, transfer them to our computers and load them into our iPods or iPhones. This will make the music CDs redundant items. Instead, considering purchasing albums from iTunes and they will free up all these physical spaces at home.

Computer software

Computer software is expensive and we only use them physically once when we install them into our computers. After that, they are left on their own to collect dust, taking up space at home. There are many free software available on the internet which you can download without the need for any physical CD. You can also purchase software on the internet without the CD, saving space.


Encyclopaedias are a must for every book lover and for people who wants to look good when guests visit their house. However, they are thick and take up lots of space. In this time and age, every information you need can be easily obtained from the internet. Who needs encyclopaedias when you have Wikipedia? You can also get results immediately!

Gym equipments

Exercising is crucial to keeping fit and many of us prefer to do it in the comfort and privacy of our homes. However, home gym equipments such as the treadmill, elliptical trainers, weights machine simply take up too much space at home. With so many public gyms located near each estate, it make more sense to sign up for a gym membership instead.

Guitar and drum set

Gone are the days of inviting your friends and jamming at your house. Guitar and drum sets take up too much space in homes and poses a safety hazard with all the wires. They are now obsolete things.

Set your own rules to what you should have and what not to have. There are things that you can do to free up space just by doing them outside such as gym machines. Free yourself from cluttered homes and feel the difference!