Why Did I Start My Own Business?

There are a lot of reasons to start your own business. Here are just some of MY reasons for going into business with myself:
* I am now my own boss. I don’t answer to someone else’s demands or criticisms (well except for the occasional comments from the husband, and of course, my customers).
* I set my own hours. I love getting out of bed when I wake up, not when the alarm clock goes off. And I love being able to work until 4 AM if I am really excited about a project. I also thoroughly enjoy having lunch with friends whenever I want, not just on weekends. Of course, it also means that some weeks I work 60 to 80 hours, but that’s by choice, not because someone else told me I “had” to.
* After about two years, I’m now earning about as much as I did before I started working for myself. And I see my earnings going up a bit more each month.
* My days at work are exciting and very unpredictable. I work on current projects, then – wham! – I get a new idea and I’m off and running in that direction. Of course, I still have to keep up with my client’s needs, so I am careful to find a balance between old and new. Every day is a new day.
* I am constantly learning new things and meeting new people, sometimes in person, but most of the time online. It’s also very rewarding to finish a project had find I either have a very satisfied customer, or I’m making money with some affiliate marking project. Life is good in the Anderson household.
* Giving back to my community is also part of owning my own business. I now have time for two non-profit service organizations whose websites I not only create and keep updated, but I help them help my local community. I never had time when I was working for someone else because the meetings are during the work day.
These are just a few of the reasons why I own my own business. There are a million other reasons for a million other people. What are your reasons for working for yourself?