12 Mistakes in Developing Business Online

If you want your business go well, it is necessary to avoid possible mistakes. In this case, there are two options – to prevent mistakes from the beginning or detect them and no longer repeat them.
I’m not going to talk about your personal mistakes. To do this, I need to look at your business with your eyes. But a few common mistakes that many builders of online business make, especially beginners, I will share with you.
Thus, 12 mistakes which should be avoided in online business.
1. Attempt to do everything perfectly
This is a “disease” of newcomers. They always try to do everything perfectly, compensating in such a way the lack of self-confidence.
I also had suffered from this “disease” until realized that there’s no point wait for ideal moment to start business online.
Ideal blog with a perfect design, perfect quality info products, etc. – newbies rave to bring everything on the higher level of quality. I can tell you one thing: if you want something to be perfect, it is necessary to spend a lot of time.
Everyone has only 24 hours in a day. How you will manage your time – you decide. If you invest your time only in the technical issues, you won’t have time to sell. Of course, I understand that a well configured and designed blog catches the eye, but to dwell on the various little things and fix them a hundred times is not worth it. It doesn’t make money. Sales bring money.
It is better to pay more attention to the quality of information, because the more qualitative information is, the less people pay attention to the technical side.
2. Using one tool instead of a few
Profitable business is not built with a single instrument. How to understand it?
It’s very simple. For example, you know that pop-up increases the mailing list. You did it on your blog and that’s all – now you sit satisfied and wait for the new subscribers. But to get really good income online, you must use at least 10 instruments to achieve the same goal, and all at once.
This also applies to sales. The more marketing tools to build a profitable business you use the more money you earn. This principe works everywhere.
3. Attempt to do all work by yourself
The difference between the rich and the poor man lies in the fact that the poor value money and rich – time.
Mistake is that a person trying to do everything by his own. In online business, there are many technical issues that should be given time. So, if you have a work you can appoint to another person, don’t spare money and let others work for you.
Thus, you give money, but get the time. In business, time = money. This is a very precise definition.
4. Unwillingness to provide free quality content.
If you don’t provide free and good quality content, your business is doomed.
Imagine the scales. You need to create a balance between selling pressure and the influence of free material. If you throw people with pay offers, the public will flee from you. If you give a lot of free content, the audience will relax and will not pay you for the information.
The task is to find a balance. Do not be greedy and give free material. Anyway, all that is given free of charge, is not remembered and used by people. This is the psychology of personality.
5. Scanty sales.
You must have at least one sale a month! If you don’t, then turn on your imagination. Make up different contests, promotions, etc. to attract more potential customers.
6. Small assortment
A small range of products – is a common mistake of many novice businessmen. This is wrong.
Let me give an example. You go to McDonald’s and what you see? That’s right, a wide range of dishes and drinks. If people look in there, they will have a choice. In extreme case they’ll buy a coffee. Now imagine that McDonald’s sell only the famous BigMac. How many customers would they lose? And how much money?
There is no choice – no sales. The large assortment should be created as soon as possible. The greater a range of products, the better the chance that a visitor will buy something from you.
7. Craziness in copywriting
There is a version of design, which I call “prick the eye.” This is the option when it’s impossible to read the selling letters because of their crazy color selection. All is messy. Some weird pictures are in the letters and it is unclear how to order the product.
Remember,copywriting- is an image of your offer, not an album for stormy fantasies.
Also,another mistake – is lack of clarity in the offer’s formulation that you are selling, when it is unclear what exactly you’re suggesting: the idea and purpose of the motion sare is called “everything and nothing.” Of course, such products rarely find customers, but there are exceptions.
8. Poor offer
Poor offer is not a tempting and attractive pay offer. It is not differs from other offers on the ‘s very ordinary, nothing interesting or intriguing. And what is the offer that does not cause emotions?
I like the expression in the film”The Godfather”, where the main character always said, “I will make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
You should do so in online business. You need to make gorgeous, attractive offer a person can’t refuse.
9. Acting like invisible man
Sometimes, when you visit some websites and blogs, you can’t find the picture of the owner. It looks like a man is hidden from others, so that no one knew. This is stupid.
The entire sale is built on trust between the seller and potential customer. If a person doesn’t see, from whom he buys products, trust falls.
So don’t play the role of invisible man – this is the worst option in the online business.
10. Spending not enough time for developing business
Laziness- the engine of progress, but not for online business.I know that many beginning marketers often lazy and stretch their goals for years,instead, to organize themselves and realize their plans.
You will never learn how to earn money online with such an approach and internet marketing will just remain a hobby, not a business.
It’s not enough to have the ambition like “I want to make a million!” It is also necessary to learn how to invest your time and effort in business development.
11. Optimization efforts
Of course,this is a goodway to get a flow of visitors, but if you don’t know how, don’t waste your time on fruitless attempts to optimize your content. Leave this to professionals, or choose other ways to attract traffic.
12. The needs of people and the market are not explored
To make good money, you need to sell what people want. To do this, visit the websites, explore a range of products, go to the thematic forums, watch what people are talking about, what are their needs, and what is already offering by online marketers.
This is the most common mistakes in building a business online. If you recognize yourself in some moments, then it’s time to make things right.
Good luck in your online business!
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