3 Secrets About Having More Space, Spending Less

3 Secrets About Having More Space, Spending Less

Self storage is a great option if you wish to free up space in your homes and yet not throw away things that take up all the space. Very often, those things are not accessed on a constant basis. Self storage rates are generally reasonable due to the tough competition among different storage companies. However being humans, we want to save as much money as we can and use it for some other things. The most important way is to decide what items you wish to store and whether those items are worth you forking out money every month just to keep them. Next, you need to determine the storage unit size that is big enough to keep the things yet having a small price tag.

Rummage through your stuff

Before you decide on the size of the storage unit, you should always rummage through the things you intend to store. Although this step may be time consuming if you have a lot of things, it can save you quite a fair bit of money. Many a time people find things that they do not really need. Some people find their old faded receipts while others find old story books or textbooks. With the advance in technology, you can easily access story books or textbooks online, eliminating the need for a hard copy. You can even sell those hard copies for some money on eBay to cover your storage cost for other things!

Plan for the future

Always plan ahead before you decide on the items to store. Did you manage to snag a good deal on a 4 seater sofa set or a 8 person dining table from a recent furniture sale and intend to use them only a few months later? The cost of storing them may actually cost more that the amount you paid for them! As such, it makes no sense to store them at all as you will be spending more money.

Pre-payment discounts

If you have extra cash on hand probably from a fat end of year bonus, you may consider making pre-payments for your self storage unit. Most companies appreciate it as it will reduce their chances of having bad debts and they will be glad to give you a discount for your gesture. However, you need to be sure that you intend to store things with them for that period of time or you risk making a loss.

Although prices for self storage units are reasonably priced, you can still snag better deals by doing some homework or making prepayments to get some discounts. Many people use self storage units for convenience but do make sure that you fully utilise them to make your purchase worthwhile.