Benefits of Climate Controlled Self Storage Use

Benefits of Climate Controlled Self Storage Use

Climate controlled self storage may seem over the top for many people but there are benefits to it that many can take advantage of. This form of storing items is actually quite common for many people even though it may seem excessive if you’re unfamiliar with it. When the benefits are weighed, it turns out to be very beneficial because of the protection and safety that the facilities offer.


The benefits of climate controlled self storage include protection from extreme heat and cold, minimal dust and dirt, and better working conditions. It is also possible that the enclosed environment can prevent water seepage or flooding.

An area that has temperature control protects sensitive items from warping or cracking. Many wooden items or products tend to react to extreme temperatures. Warping, cracking, and splitting are some of the more common reactions that wood products have when exposed to extreme heat or cold. With just the right temperature, the state of wooden objects can be maintained even when it is a hot summer or a cold winter.

Other items can undergo corrosion, rust, or yellowing in extreme weather conditions. Metal or steel items tend to rust when there is too much humidity in the air. Others will corrode when exposed to moisture, and clothing and fabric will yellow as time goes by in moist environments.

Climate controlled self storage areas promote better aging of organic materials. The presence of bacterial growth along with mold and mildew can also be promoted by too much humidity. These can be very destructive organisms that eat up organic materials as they populate the place. Moisture in the air promotes their population explosion. They can also be dangerous to the health of the people who will visit the place and inhale their spores.

In many cases, it is also beneficial to choose this kind of area to prevent the presence of termites and other harmful insects. It is not that these pests do not like constant temperature but that the area is usually very well constructed that they cannot enter and infest the room. It is also this aspect that can possibly protect the room from flooding and water seepage. When a room is constructed very well and elevated to protect from flooding, the entry of moisture and water can be prevented. The elevation helps to prevent the entry of water from the floor level and the tight construction can also prevent rain from entering from the sides.

The use of climate controlled self storage rooms are highly encouraged to protect items and keep them in good condition. Some of the items that can benefit are wooden furniture, leather upholstery and goods, clothing and fabrics, furs, paintings and fine art items, and musical instruments. Important documents and paperwork will also be kept in good condition and protected from pests with the use of climate controlled self storage rooms.