Different Types of Self Storage Units

Different Types of Self Storage Units

Self-storage can be a great solution to a great number of problems. Whether you’re a student caught without a home for a week between University years or you’re a family of five who need to store their sofas during the moving process, self-storage can often prove to be the simplest, easiest and cheapest fix to your problems. Businesses and retail outlets are even beginning to use self-storage as overflow stock rooms as the price of ground in shopping centres skyrockets. With all the different uses, it’s essential to know how to choose the right self-storage unit that fits your requirements.

Firstly, you want to assess whether you need indoor or outdoor self-storage units. Indoor has the obvious advantage of being more secure, more protected from the elements and often easier to use. Self-storage facilities are normally staffed by experts and security, as well as serviced with trolleys, lifting materials and loading bays. However, indoor units are normally smaller than their outdoor counterparts and can be difficult to access directly. Outdoor units can be unloaded directly into a vehicle, rather than having to wheel goods around corridors and down elevators like you might have to at an indoor facility. They are also larger and have more customised spaces, but can suffer from exposure to weather and are generally less secure.

Both indoor and outdoor units can feature climate control, which monitors and regulates the temperature and humidity of the unit. This has obvious benefits for the storage of perishable goods, food and drink but can also benefit the storage of expensive or delicate items. Paintings, antiques and furniture can sometimes be damaged in unsuitable conditions.

Portable self-storage is an exciting, new and innovative model being introduced by some of the larger companies, where trucks and vans will arrive at your home or business with a removable storage container in tow. This can be filled at your desired location, transported and stored securely and then either be accessed there or delivered to a location of your choice when you require the use of the goods again. Great for people on the move or those with a busy lifestyle.

These different types of units can be combined to provide the perfect solution to your storage problems, though you can expect to see a price rise. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made to maintain a budget, but luckily it’s a lot easier to find the right self-storage facility now than it was some years ago.