Don’t Throw Away Money-Make A Scrap Pile Instead!

No one with any other options would look at scrap metal as a way to make a living. While it is possible to make money by scavenging for scrap metal and selling it at the local scrap yard, it is a profession that is usually reserved for those who unable to find better work for whatever reason. So, let me start by saying that I am not advising you to quit your job and dive in the dumpster for aluminum cans.

However, people really do throw away a lot of things that they could recycle and make money from. Since I already mentioned aluminum cans, let’s start there…how many cans do you think you use in a single month? How about the other members of your household? Every time you throw a can in the trash, you are wasting money. It may not be much but it does add up over time.

Now let’s think about how many times you have thrown away an electronic device because it no longer worked, or because you got a better one. Chances are, that device had at least some copper and/or aluminum that could have been harvested. Most computers even have a very small amount of gold in them. Even the steel used in the outer casings is worth something. For that matter, all the tin cans that you use in the kitchen have at least some worth.

My point is that it is well worth your while to avoid throwing away anything made of metal. Not only will it bring you a little extra money, it is good for the earth because it enables these resources to be used again. All you really have to do is get a few extra trash cans and label them for easy sorting. Sort them into containers for steel, copper/brass, aluminum, and tin.

In the area of scrap metal buyers Chicago IL is second to none. Just look around and you should have no problem finding a good one in the area. I would recommend going with the one that has the best customer service. Ask if they will come to you and retrieve your scrap. If so, that is probably the best choice, as they are most likely the ones who focus on customer service the most. This often means they will pay the most as well.

Now let’s think about this from the perspective of a business owner. Depending on what kind of business you own, you might very well end up throwing away large amounts of material. This is particularly true if you are involved in construction, road work, cleanup of any sort, or renovation. I remember working for a road crew that was removing old telephone lines for replacement. All day long, we hauled off large rolls of what basically amounted to copper wire sheathed in aluminum tubing. Yet, to my surprise, all this stuff was simply thrown away. Surely, someone could have made a good deal of money there! So don’t be foolish like my former employers. Take the extra time to recycle as much metal as you can, because the planet only has so much of it.