Getting a Liquor License in Texas

Why is it so hard to get a Texas alcohol permit? It’s honestly in the nature of an alcohol permit that they not be too easy to acquire, as the idea is that those who want to serve alcohol in their places of business must show they are committed to serving it responsibly. Business owners who serve alcohol have a liability as far as serving to people who are already intoxicated, and serving to underage people is also illegal. All of this means that getting a permit to serve is never easy, but in Texas, due to the laws on permitting varying from city to city, it’s all a bit more difficult.

Why Serve Alcohol?

No, getting a permit to serve alcohol isn’t simple, but business owners still go to the time and expense of going through the process because serving alcohol at a restaurant increases the clientele and the profits. More people are apt to come in to a restaurant for a nice dinner if they know they can order a glass of wine or some other drink, and the restaurant will make more profit off the drink than they will from the meal. Eventually, it all adds up.

Meanwhile, getting a permit to sell requires a lot of complex and time consuming paperwork. This is why now many business owners hire special consultants to take over the permitting paperwork. Consultants who know the laws regarding permitting can get the paperwork pushed through relatively quickly, and ensure that everything is properly in place on the day that restaurant opens. Yes, it may cost a few dollars to hire out the work, but all of that frees up that cafe owner to focus on their menu, and their customer service. In a word, it’s worth it!