How to Choose the Right Storage Boxes For Kids in 5 Steps

How to Choose the Right Storage Boxes For Kids in 5 Steps

In this day and age no parents should get by without using storage boxes for kids to declutter their rooms? These boxes are the lifesavers of the stressed out Mom who has to keep on picking up her kids toys after they finished playing with them.

The funny thing is one day you noticed that your kids room is full of toys you don’t remember buying for them rather they come from those wonderful aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas who feel that they must give kids toys on every occasion and on every visit. For the stressed out and busy Mom there is one thing that can help her declutter those rooms and these are the storage boxes for kids.

These boxes do come many sizes, designs, and material it sometimes is confusing how you will be able to choose the right box for your kids. To help you deal with that confusion, here are steps on how you can choose the right boxes for your little ones.

1. Let your kids decide.

Bring your kids along and let them decide because this is going to be the box where they will be storing their toys. Another reason for letting them choose is to give them a chance at making decisions for themselves.

Of course you cannot let them choose something that compromises their safety so you must be ready to scrutinize the boxes on how safe they are to use. If you think they are something that your kids shouldn’t be toying with you can gently suggest why the other box – which is safer – is the better choice.

It’s a good idea for each kid you have their own boxes with different designs to make their personality stand out.

2. Safety first.

When it comes to safety considerations, the storage boxes for kids should be made of non toxic materials and something that is big enough to hold his toys.

There shouldn’t be spaces where his or her fingers would likely get stuck and the boxes must have smooth rounded edges. The boxes should be light enough that he can push it to another side of the room when cleans up after himself when he’s done playing. You can even think of a box with wheels for this.

If you buy boxes with hinged lids the hinges should be tight fitted so that even if the box is halfway open there is no risk of your kids fingers being crushed by the lid or buy a box which opens all the way every time.

Stackable boxes are not recommended for smaller kids because they could topple down when one happens to reach for a specific toy inside the middle box on the stack.

3. Decorated boxes.

It is a good idea to buy storage boxes for kids that are decorated with their favorite cartoon characters so that it’s always interesting for them. Choose the box that has painted on decor rather than stickers as the stickers will likely peel off sometime.

4. Plastic or wood?

It is completely your choice to buy plastic or wood but bear in mind that if you’re going to buy plastic they should be high quality and durable so that it can withstand rough handling.

5. Multifunctional.

Boxes that can be used as benches is a good idea because they are space saving and they can sit on it while they are having fun with their toys.

As a budget conscious parent, when you buy storage boxes for kids see to it that they are affordable.