How to Effectively Utilize Boxes for Self Storage

How to Effectively Utilize Boxes for Self Storage

The use of self storage is growing worldwide these days. Not surprising as people continue to accumulate personal items and not letting go of many of the things they no longer use. As they need space to keep their belongings, the self storage facilities prove very useful.

An important material that anybody utilizing self storage should definitely use is the box. The box is where you should put all the personal possessions you’re keeping at the unit.

Why boxes? It’s because they make organizing your things easier and they keep your items dry and protected from dust and dirt. They’re preferred by most self storage users so investing in sturdy and quality boxes is a must.

In choosing boxes, you may want to buy those with similar sizes. In this way, you will find it easy to stack them in a secure way inside your self storage unit. It will also save you space.

If possible, put all your items in a box. Fill each box to capacity to avoid damage on your things.

Just remember to not put all heavy items in a single box. For example, don’t put all books in one box because it will make your box too heavy to carry. It would a good idea to distribute the books to several boxes by putting them on the bottom part and filling the top part with lighter items. If you have numerous books to store, you can purchase small boxes meant for books from self storage facilities that sell them.

When putting books in the boxes, it’s ideal to pack them flat and not in an upright position. In this way, you prevent the spines from damaging.

For clothes, there are boxes means for wardrobe and clothing. They will keep your clothes in good shape even after storage. Avoid using bin liners because moisture can build up inside.

Fragile and breakable items such as plates, glasses and dishes should be properly wrapped before putting them in the box. Use bubble wrap to protect them and fill any gaps with filler or paper. Remember to avoid putting any box, particularly if it’s heavy, on top of the container of your breakables.

Appliances and furniture need to be disassembled before putting them in boxes. Wrap their parts and label properly so you won’t get confused when the time comes to put them back together. Remove the wires from electronic appliances and put them in their original boxes if you still have them. Again, label each properly for proper identification.

Now when all your personal belongings have been put in their proper boxes, the most important step that you should not forget is to label each of them. Label all sides of the boxes to make it easy for you to know their contents.

When organizing your boxes inside the self storage unit, make sure that you put the heavy ones at the bottom. Put those that are only half or partly filled on the top. Placing them on the bottom will only cause the heavier boxes on top to tip over or the boxes at the bottom to collapse.