Important Aspects of a Self Storage Facility

Important Aspects of a Self Storage Facility

While almost all Lenexa self storage facilities are reputed to be good, it always helps to do some basic research before deciding on any one company. This article talks about some of the parameters to judge these companies as well as some considerations to keep in mind. But the most important thing is to be sure of one’s own requirements when one is looking for storage. This means knowing what one want’s to store, for how long and for what reason.

Kind of Units: The first thing to consider is the kind of units on offer. This includes the flexibility in sizes available as the quality of construction. The size determines the total cost, so it is best not to rent anything bigger than one’s requirement. As for materials, tensile steel is supposed to be excellent in providing resistance against harsh weather conditions and pests. There is also the option of climate controlled units which ensure a particular temperature inside the storage area. This kind of storage is very relevant for expensive art pieces, antiques, furniture’s, electronics, and even clothes. Depending on where the facility is located, high heat and humidity can destroy most things over a period of time. Even if the object in question is not spoiled during the course of the storage, its shelf life is greatly reduced.

Security Arrangements: Every facility should have 24×7 security arrangements which should include state-of-the-art equipment and personnel. Many facilities, of course, offer advanced features like finger print access, facial recognition, etc. Ensure that only you as the owner of the goods have access to the Lenexa self storage unit that you have rented and nobody else. You can get an add on access card for your wife or friend, if required. A storing house that is located in a very remote location may offer cheaper rates but may be more unsafe as well. When considering security also consider security against weather elements, pests, extremes of temperatures, and not just burglars.

Accessibility: Another important thing to consider when choosing your Lenexa self storage is how conveniently you can access your belongings at the time of need. Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself include – Is the facility open 24×7 all 365 days of the year? What happens if I need something on the day of their holiday? How much time do I spend in going to the facility and back? What is the cost of the trip? Can I take my family along and what will they do there?

Then, finally, there are factors to consider like the reputation of the company, the total cost of hiring the storage, availability, and others. It is always a good idea to ask for add on facilities in case you are not getting the required discount. Lenexa self storage companies offer gifting services, maintenance, as well as home consultancy apart from the basic packing, storing and unpacking. In case you are planning on renting the storing unit for a long time, you may get a customer’s bonus as well.