Making Office Storage a Priority to Save Time and Money

Making Office Storage a Priority to Save Time and Money

Let’s face it; most companies want their office space to be organised and efficient. More than likely you will have customer and supplier files, reference documents, legal documents, brochures, stationery etc… that will need to be stored somewhere in order to keep your workspace tidy.

I think choosing the right office storage is essential to enable you to keep things manageable and help you work efficiently.

When most people think about office storage, they immediately conjure up the image of an old grey filing cabinet. I know almost every office I have visited has at least one or more of these iconic pieces of furniture, often looking tired and old. That being said storage equipment in whatever shape or form is still a vital part of any business.

I think you’ll agree we all should be working towards an ‘environmentally friendly’ work space, yet most of us still work in offices that are overflowing with paper, even though electronic data has become more sophisticated. The majority of this paper will need filing somewhere ‘just in case’ it’s required at a later date.

Whatever business you’re in, when you look at office refurbishment, you should seriously consider your storage habits and what effect they may be having, both on the environment and on your bottom-line.

After all, the cost of premises is often the largest overhead that your business will have, but with the cost of relocating and higher rents, companies should be looking for alternative ways to free up valuable floor space. With clever office storage you will not only have a workspace that looks good, you can gain valuable space and at the same time achieve a clutter free office.

To get an idea of how much storage your office actually needs, make a list of items that you are currently storing and how you are storing it. More often than not you will find that you probably need a variation of storage types, filing cabinets, tambour units or the ultimate in space saving, a store wall.

When deciding on your storage requirements, it’s also useful to consider what items are used on a daily basis; do you need easy quick access to some items? Or do some items need secure storage?

All businesses will need some kind of storage in order to ensure that they fulfil all its legal requirements, although not all businesses will have the same storage requirements; these requirements can change based on the activities of the company and/or office space available. Some businesses will require a large amount of storage for printed documentation whilst others may simply require storage for items of stationery and personal effects.