• December 1, 2023

Perks That You Might Get When Renting a Self Storage Unit

Perks That You Might Get When Renting a Self Storage Unit

Self storage or self-service storage units have been around since the 1960s, helping users with limited home or office storage space store and organize their possessions. Today, there are thousands of storage facilities in the country providing the use of a rented space in a convenient location. Because of the huge number of self-service storage businesses in the United States, some storage providers have gone to great lengths to deliver customer satisfaction and to set themselves apart from other companies.

Some storage facilities lease a variety of unit sizes to accommodate the needs of various target markets. There are some companies that even have climate controlled rooms for storing temperature-sensitive items and interior storage parking for recreational vehicles or boats. Companies that accommodate these demands usually provide their customers with free packing supplies or use of shelves for easy organizing.

Self storage companies understand that the demand for their units is brought about by the growing trend of urbanization. They have realized that more people are now moving to metropolitan cities and they need a convenient location where they can store their belongings temporarily. Some companies try to set themselves apart from the others by providing their customers with free use of moving trucks with every storage unit rental.

Professional sports teams often have use for storage spaces, and have a good working relationship with some storage providers. This is why some storage companies try to partner with high-profile sports teams. Baseball or basketball teams are the perfect celebrity endorsers for this kind of product because they travel from one state to another and they need self storage units for their belongings. Some mini storage companies have been successful in partnering up with professional sports teams, and they provide their customers with free tickets to premier sports events with every new lease of a storage unit.