Money Order Meaning In The Cambridge English Dictionary

A money order is a form of prepaid payment that can be utilized to pay or send cash to men and women as a safe alternative to cash or checks. Another thing, a lot of men and women just wont take the cost for the one particular time order wich of course is larger because your not receiving the discount, and just get the 19.95, You´ve told that individual how the payments were going to be, and so forth etc etc, and a month later, that exact same individual calls you saying, I FORGOT WHEN MY SECOND ORDER WAS GOING TO SHIP, I WASN’T INFFORMED OF THE DATE.

Strange as it may sound to you, funds is attracted to people who are sturdy and strong, respectful of it, and open to receiving it. I want you to feel about this-it is anything I firmly think and have said time and again: Cash behaves and responds just like a particular person-nuture it, treat it effectively, and it will develop and flourish treat it carelessly, or with disrespect, and it will dwindle constantly to absolutely nothing.

I will like to know the total price plus the needed tax I am to pay on this items am requesting for and also the name and address you want the payment sent to and also your telephone quantity to attain you on. Soon after you send me this data I would instruct my sponsors to send you the payment which would be in form of funds orders or certified verify which you can money instantly at your bank.

I would require to know the total of all the products i requested for and also the name and address you want the payment sent to and also a telephone quantity i can attain you on.Soon after you send me this details the Manager of our firm will mail you a check for the payment,which you can money instantly at your bank simply because we need these items, prior to the date of the event and they will be picked up at your place Upon my ArrivalI hope to read from you quickly with all details necessary.

Kindly get back to me with the total expense for all the Avon products with tax inclusive.I will be paying through money order or certified verify simply because its my director that will be accountable for the payment of all these shiiping agent will be coming down for the pick up of the items in particular person or meet you in a library or park based on your choice but I only want you to have the funds in advance so you can get all the item prepared and secured.